Saturday, 19 February 2011

Saturday Night Fever

Out - damned pucker.................

Some of you will know this story............this is a quilt I am making for the shop, took it along to my recent workshop to layer up and quilt..........didn't baste (naughty Sheila)........spotted a few puckers and should have stopped (Stupid Sheila)...kept going, added the binding....................slept on it (well, not actually on it)...and could stand it no more.
Nearly finished unpicking ALL the quilting now. The front of the quilt is "Lollipop" by Sandy Gervais for Moda and it is in Sew Materialistic NOW. It is so pretty it deserves a better job (and better wadding!)
keep watching and I shall reveal the final result...........
So - this is just for you Marjory - you see, it happens to us all at times!!


  1. Hi Sheila, you have inspired me to open my own little Etsy shop :) i was wondering how you managed to get a link to your shop at the side of your blog?

  2. To a quilt err!

    Oh, weeping mourning, abject quilter,
    Yer project noo is out of kilter,
    Thou needna start tae mend it hasty
    Wi' feverish keenness,
    Admirers - WE will NEVER paste ye
    Wi' ill-judged meanness!

    We're truly sorry the quilt's a scunner,
    But we ken you'll rescue it - a wonder!
    You'll save the day wi' quilting new
    A sma' behest,
    Your followers have faith in you
    And that's no jest!

  3. I'm an expert an unsewing! I feel your pain!




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