Saturday 23 April 2011

Sheila's Star

Following on from my QAYG post on Lily's Quilts , I thought I would share my much used quilting pattern with you.
Everyone who comes to my classes gets to know "Sheila's Star" - I came up with it a few years back in an effort to cover a block with a pattern in a continuous line. You always start it in a corner, and will end the pattern by returning to that first corner - if you have e.g., four blocks lying in a square, you could conceivably quilt this star without stopping, if you start in the centre where the four blocks meet. (you can of course, stop to breathe......)
It's a brilliant wee pattern and can be used in any square or rectangular area, small, or large.
I have recently completed quilting a project and wanted a star shaped pattern, but just a little lighter than usual, so missed a couple of steps out and now have the alternative, Sheila's Mini Star.
If you click on the highlighted links you will be able to download handouts with diagrams for each of these stars.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for these stars, they are brilliant and I am going to give them a try when I have the right block.



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