Friday 15 April 2011

Spring Cleaning

Those of you who know me, know how fond I am of my Husqvarna "Lily" - I regularly clean under her feed dogs and dismantle the bobbin case to dislodge all the fluff and feel very satisfied at doing so.
Well, Lily has been feeling a bit sluggish of late, not at all Spring like and I was beginning to think she was showing signs of age (she is 9)
... I work in our local fabric shop and every couple of weeks John comes to tend to sick sewing machines so today I decided it was tie for Lily to pay a visit...........John made a start on her service and after a few minutes called me thro to the back shop................

shocking or what!! Yes, what looks like a layer of fur is pretty much just that!
The reason I blog this is that I consider myself as someone who looks after my machine and therefore reckon I can do without servicing it too's been about two years since she was in bits like this!

So, got home and was eager to have a go at sewing something now that Lily was feeling better - decided to join in Lynne's Big Little George block here. I grabbed my first scrap box which just happened to be Christmas stuff - yes, in April........and really enjoyed making the first two rings, it's a while since I made anything so intricate and it was fun.

Not sure which fabric to use in the centre, I am trying to use what I have and I am leaning towards the busy picture scene as I am unlikely to use it elsewhere...............any suggestions?


  1. Yes!!!! it is the perfect center....good thing you had your machine looked I know what you's amazing how much gathers in there...

  2. Oh yes, the little houses were built to fit in there!

  3. definately the picture scene, it looks fantastic. I saw this on Lilys blog and I have the items set aside to give it a go next weekend, as it is a nice looooong weekend.

  4. Your Big Little George block is fab! I think the little stables/sheds/houses (not sure what they are!) look the best. Great idea doing a Chrismassey version! Jxo

  5. That is really impressive Sheila. I've never seen a block like it!

  6. Wow? Really? That much lint???!!! I clean mine pretty often but now I've seen this, I will definitely let her have a service every year! And BTW, if you had the energy to do a guest post on my blog about your QAYG method, that would be fantastic - if you don't, no problem. Even if it was just a case of loading on the class handout - it hadn't even occurred to me to do all my quilts this way but now I'm hearing you describe it, it's feeling like one of those lightbulbs moments!

  7. Oh and I forgot to say, I a still drooling over your favourite quilt - I have a horrible feeling I'm going to be compelled to try to re-create the pattern myself or something! Or maybe start a new paper piecing bee and ask everyone for something from that quilt LOL.

  8. Oh and one more thing, I love the name of your machine!



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