Monday, 21 November 2011

Monday Memories 2

After posting my first quilty memory last week about my daughter's quilt, I had been thinking on and off about this week's post, assuming it was going to be about my son's quilt....that was the sort of order my wee talks used to take. However, I dug out my old book of quilt pics etc and realised there was a bit of a gap in between the two.

My first quilt took a bit of effort and was done without a walking foot so I seem to recall my reluctance to jump in and make another right away. So there was a lot of small friend Sheilagh had heaps of quilting books and was generous in her lending of them. I was captivated by Thimbleberries and loved this style for many years....I made my first wallhanging from this book:-

I noted in my book that I was "unhappy with all my fabric choices, especially the tartan/gold blocks but was restricted by local availability and desperation to get on..."
My output seemed to increase in 2000 and I have just realised why - in January 2000 I left my job with the local Council (woohoo) after 10yrs and with husband working overseas, and kids at school, I had time on my hands..............
As well as being a Thimbleberries fan, I also loved all things Debbie Mumm - I feel almost embarassed admitting this, almost as bad as admitting to being a staunch Monkees fan when I was 14. (Mickey Dolenz was my favourite) in April 2000 I made my friend Delia, this, from a DM book - (still no walking foot)
Very twee - it still hangs in her summer house.......that's a friend for you!
In the summer of 2000 I purchased a walking foot, got a hold of "Quilt It" by Barbara Chainey and there was no holding me -
I started with a cushion -
 and then another..............
I attended my first Quilters' Guild Area Day which was held in Ayr - I recall Anja Townrow speaking..........and only 2 traders.My friends and I discovered Purely Patchwork in Linlithgow and went along to workshops there. I remember going to a Christmas one - we drove for two hours there, parked, bought all our fabric instore, bought lunch, paid for the workshop etc, etc -and drove home -  think it totalled to about £100 - madness!!

I made a small quilt - it was an Irish chain pattern using bright colours on black and fussy cut themed fabric called "Gardening Gals". I remember in those days I wanted to try out everything, but especially fmq - bright coloured thread on black, I don't think I have the nerve to do that now.
Christmas 2000 probably was the end of my cross stitching days. My gifts that year were a mix of cross stiotch and quilting.
So, looking back to 2000, my inspriation was all coming from books, magazines and attending shows and workshops. No internet browsing, no internet shopping, and few local shops selling cottons..............
..........meanwhile, I had made a start on favourite son's quilt but more of that next week.


  1. I loved The Monkeys too! Davey Jones was my fav! It's so wonderful that you kept a record of your quilting ventures and that you can associate each piece with particular times and stages. I cringe at my 20 year old wedding dress in the same way as your Debbie Mumm reaction!! Jxo

  2. The watering can is a classic, and your tree cushion was so inspirational I had to go away and do one too!

  3. Another great post Sheila. Isn't it amazing how fabrics have come on in the last few years: I have some awful fabrics from years ago, that I thought were fabulous back then!

  4. Looks like a great way to leap into the new century creatively :o)

  5. I'm with Judith, Davey Jones was my favourite Monkey. I have been hearing their songs in my head since I read this post just before running off to work for the day. Thanks for sharing all this, I love reading about it. Your fmq totally rocks I hope you do some more soon.



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