Wednesday 16 November 2011

Solid Giveaway

This week, over at Lily's Quilts there is a humungous giveaway .......
Christmas Gifts for Quilters
Can you believe it - one person is going to win both of these boxes of fat quarters and I have just popped over to Robert Kaufman  and discovered that each box holds 100 fat quarters - so with my epic maths abilities I have worked out that someone, and it could be you, but  I hope it's me, will win 200 fat 1/ still my beating heart.

Meanwhile, to matters more mundane........I spent a bit of time re-organising my hexies this week. I have been happily making and adding in different fabrics to this project with just a vague nod to my colour plan. At first I wanted lots of greys for a cool, grown-up look but I found it a bit dull. I have used purples and pinks and some novelties and believe me, I was beginning to worry that I have created a total hotch potch. So I have grouped my hexies in  sort of colour blobs....I have only 11 more to make and can make them to order now, shifting and sorting before the final big sew. I intend making a heap of half hexies to fill in the sides as I don't want to trim back what I have already made....I am thinking white all the way far I think I am on schedule altho I fear the joining will take forever............
last weekend's eforts
first layout - nah! to suggestions.


  1. Your hexies are gorgeous! How about a colour wash effect, with a dark centre i.e. purples moving out to pinks & greys and then the lightest tones on the v.outside next to the white? Jxo

  2. I like Judith's idea or just go completely random - looking like hard work though!

  3. I adore your hexies! But then according to Archie The Wonder Dog you are marvelous, I'm now Following!

  4. Love all the different hexies, and Judith is a very smart woman :oD

  5. These are amazing, I sort of like the picture you have here and Judith's idea sounds interesting too.

  6. I love all your hexies!!

    I would just do random placement cause they are all so different.

  7. It's going to be amazing! I like Judith's idea - maybe take a photo and we can give our opinions?!!!



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