Sunday 11 December 2011

A Bit of a Marathon

It's been a whole week since my last post and I have heaps to share, you might need to grab a coffee to stay the course!
Last Sunday was Gordon's Coming Out Party - when I bought my Accuquiilt Go, I set about registering it online and was asked to name my Go - em??oh...G...G...Gordon, that'll do, I thought. I bought Gordon with the intention of making him work hard and perhaps finding a way of through my classes, of hiring him out. So, I rented my usual workshop venue and threw Gordon a wee party, his "coming out" you might say.
In preparation, I cut through many scraps and made up a mini kit party bag for all who attended.
Gordon was very well received and we had a great few hours eating mince pies and cutting up scraps.......

Susan was saying Christmas had come early to her house, it would seem so here too.......last Sunday I was given this cute trio of fat 1/4s from Christelle who is embarking upon her first quilt...
We had some new fabric in the shop recently and I just had to have some.
This selection are a touch more purpley in reality, and are from Stof's Basics range. The picture doesn't do the spots justice - those particular two have a real vintage look to them.
 I just had to make up some mini bundles of 10" squares, they have been really popular.

The cat fabric is Japanese, feels like a bit linen-y, and check out the selvedge!!
The next pressies I want to show you are from Wendy.........and led to a making frenzy.

I have seen one or two tutorials over the months from Noodlehead and Hadley (sounds like a posh Gents' outfitters)for these wee coin/change trays and thought they would fit the bill nicely for some these are the boy ones (cos they wouldn't know what to do with them otherwise.)

and the girl versions.............
and so, Nicky, I'll see your 5 zippy pouches, and I'll raise you, 10 coin trays!!

 Today I finally got some Christmas stuff out - I realise I have quite a lot that would qualify for Monday Memories but might postpone that for another post. In the meantime here are a couple of future memories.
The first is my machine-embroidered Christmas bunting that I made last year.
 and new for this year.........Big Little George!!
and for anyone who is still with me, I am going to end on a real high. Yesterday I was surprised to receive an unexpected package - hadn't ordered was a fabulous gift from Helen &Archie

This lovely gift got me on several levels - Helen knows that I have some Pips and Little Apples waiting to go into a quilt - and she used some of her precious Walk in the Woods that she got from Aneela, to make this for me!! What she didn't know was that my only childhood memory of dress-up was as Little Red Riding Hood, my mum made me a brilliant red cloak..................
...........there was also a yummy choc bar in the parcel that somehow didn't quite make the photo shoot. Thank you Helen, and Archie (hope you got that biscuit).x


  1. Looks like Gordon is already earning his keep. You've been busy.
    Lots of lovely goodies in this post!

  2. I didn't realise he was a big old Gordon not a baby! Wowza!
    Lots of lovelies there - I still love Big Little George x

  3. Wow, Gordon's a big boy! (which sounds wrong on so many levels)

    WTG on all those coin trays, and love your wee hoop, so cute!

  4. Great makes, you've been so busy! The mince pie munching and Go! cutting sounded fun :-) Lovely lovely wee hoop from Helen too

  5. Sounds like a wonderful week! I love all those little trays and the cat fabric is especially wonderful!

  6. Nice to see big little George again! Lovely gift from Helen too! Looks like Gordon had a busy day! Jxo

  7. You have been a busy bee! I love those little trays so so cute. That Stof fabric is totally gorgeous too. I love their fabric it is just such great quality. x

  8. Glad i had a coffee ready ;)
    Gordon looks like he was put to work! the fabric looks gorgeous and that's a lot of trays! - they look really cute! xx

  9. I like the way you throw down a gauntlet Sheila - it did make me chuckle! Helen is such a darling and her hoop is gorgeous - I guess Archie was so pleased with his bone that he told her to make you something special! Do you think Helen took the biscuit?? Hehe!

  10. I love that you had a coming out party for Gordon! I have quite a few of those trays around my house too - great for spare earrings, change etc
    love the hoop from Archie too

  11. Glad you like the hoop and yes, Archie did get his biscuit, eventually! I think Gordon loved his deb ball - looks like fun! And I love the change trays!

  12. The trays look really good. I've been using some of the shops new fabrics for Christmas pressies too. Just love them!
    The Red Riding hood fabric is so sweet. What a nice surprise to get in the mail.

  13. Where do you get the time to make such lovely stuff! You are a star!!

  14. What do I know. I thought Gordon was a gay friend!



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