Sunday, 4 December 2011

Monday Memories 4......... really more of a December memory and not intended to be maudelin.
I hung our advent calendar on Thursday.........
You can't make out the date on this but it's 1989, hidden by a sweetie. Obviously this was made during my cross stitch period and I recall the pattern, full size and humungous, was published in Family Circle.
1989 was our last year in Worcester. Our two wee English born babies, both December birthdays, were approaching the ages of 5 & 7. I can hardly believe I have been hanging it for 22 yrs.
But my memory of the making of this calendar puts me on a train, from Worcester to London, for you see, my pal Sheila was in Hammersmith hospital having a bone marrow transplant to try and fight off the leukaemia that she had been stricken with. She also had a family of two, aged 5 & 7.
I stitched on that train.
This is Sheila, having gamely been "made-over" by Bella magazine.
Sadly, happily ever after was not to be, and on 18th December 1989, Sheila lost her fight for life.
I think of her now and again, and always at this time of year, as Christmas approaches.
Never forgotten, forever young.x


  1. I bet your friend is looking down and smiling at you scoffing all those chocs every year!

  2. Aww, bittersweet memory, bet she's looking down thinking 'Good grief woman, isn't it time for a patchwork one now?' ;o)

  3. Memories are complicated things, she was beautiful. I love your advent calendar, and that it is still in active use.

  4. lovely advent calendar Sheila. Funny the things that take us back ...

  5. Lovely advent calendar and it should never be replaced. It invokes family memories as well as good memories of a friend who went too soon.

  6. Lovely Advent calendar and such poignant memories xx

  7. It's lovely and it's nice that it brings back fond memories of a friend.

  8. Somehow stitching seems to have a deep emotional connection for many of us, as your story illustrates Sheila. I have realised that it makes our journey in this life a bit easier. I'm sure your lovely friend has been actively encouraging all your wonderful work over the years. If I don't see you before, have a fab Christmas!

  9. That's a lovely memory to have associated with your advent calendar. No wonder you still bring it out every year - it's important to keep remembering. Thanks for sharing your heart S! Jxo

  10. Keep remembering her with all your love and she will live on in the memories and stories you tell...Hugs!



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