Monday, 16 April 2012

Slasher and Sasher

I am in danger of slipping into headless chicken mode this week. I spent this morning collecting quilts for Sunday, and also picked up a couple of old wooden easels from a friend, whose husband had the brilliant idea that they might be useful for displaying quilts - they will!!
But, I also have some sewing under my belt -

 This is my Zakka Style Sew Along project for week 3 - a simple pincushion that I enjoyed picking just the right fabric for to go with the red linen. I rather like it.

I also made a start on my FAL project for this quarter. I already posted pics of all my orphan blocks "before" and I won't bore you with all the "after" pics, but it was fun slicing and dicing. But as an example, this next pic started life as 6 x 6" blocks.

and after a collision with my rotary cutter, became this -

I made quite a mess -

Cut up some sashing - 1" wide.

and made the first "new" block. What do you think?
I combined the techniques from Elizabeth Hartmann's mosaic pillow with the ideas from Rayna Gillman's Freeform Quilts

Slasher & Sasher, a couple of new reindeer to join Rudolph?


  1. Now that's what to do to blocks that have lost their purpose in life!! Slash the crap out of them. Love it.

  2. I think Susan said it all really! Love the name and your cute pincushion.

  3. Slasher and Sasher - what great reindeer names!!! Love what you've done with your orphans!

  4. Hee hee, you have been having fun slicing and dicing!

  5. Oh Sheila!!!
    What would you say if my Mystery Quilt went down that road!!!??

  6. I will never think of a reindeer in the same light - Slasher & Sasher - haha! Like the repurposed blocks though! Di xo

  7. LOL! They sound more like serial killers!! Love the green sashing on your improv blocks. Great way to recycle! Jxo

  8. I popped in to see your Zakka smart! Love the buttons, too!

  9. Your pincushion is soooo cute, Sheila!!

  10. God that's brave - I don't think I could bring myself to do that, but it looks fantastic. Much funkier than the originals!
    Love the pincushion too.

  11. Definitely sounds more like serial killer names. I would never be that brave to do that to my orphan blocks.
    The pincushion is really lovely.

  12. Wow! So much beautiful, eye-catching inspiration in this post!

    Love your pin cushion. I nearly used red linen too and seeing yours makes me want to make another. Great color combo - very striking.

    Right this minute I have on my desk the fabric to try that mosaic pillow. Seeing yours has sealed the deal.

    Lovely blocks too! You're really talented!


  13. I am concerned first they are orphans and then you treat them to a frankenstein make-over? Sheila I certainly won't be making any careless comments about you - scary lady! But they did turn out well!

  14. Wow, that is amazing how you did that, it looks like fun. Love the little pincushion too.

  15. Love that idea for orphan blocks !



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