Sunday 1 April 2012

Oops, almost a fool!

Almost missed Fresh Sewing Day, can't have that now!
March was a truly significant month but not for my sewing.
It started with receiving my lovely pouch in the Mouthy Stitches swap.So yummy.
I finished my Caribbean Creatures quilt.
And I made my Dead Simple sample into a knitting bag.
I started playing with selvedges. (Defiinitely a WIP)
I took part in the Modern Mini challenge...

Then this little person came into our lives................

And Ava's quilts were labelled and handed over..........Peeps.....

                                                                                 and Pips..........

And then my crafting took a slight detour...............(baby Uggs)

and my most recent make has been these two Monster Bunnies for my two little nephews' Easter.

These were made courtesy of a pattern drafted by my young pal Alana, who blogs at frankenstitchery
I also managed to do a guest tute on Fairy Face Designs this last week and for those of you who maybe missed it, my own post on the subject was my 300th and I decided to give away the pot stand from the tute.
You still have time to enter if you fancy winning it. Just click here.

As always, linking to Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day - am off to have a read of some others' March pursuits.x


  1. I think you can put this down as one of your best months ever eh!!

    Love all Ava's hair!

  2. Busy month on many fronts there!

  3. Have you got Ava down as one of your makes!?? Best one ever! The others are great too - and love your fairy pouch!

  4. Got to be a productive. Onto on all fronts! Di xo

  5. Congrats on beautiful Ava!! I love your Little Apples mini!

  6. Happy happy month for you! Many congrats and best wishes :-)

  7. congratulations on the arival of a sweet new baby girl :) I love those monster bunnies!

  8. What a month! Ava is so adorable and I am so glad she gets both quilts! And baby uggs too.

  9. Sheila- where did you find the time!! You did loads and I seriously love those little knitted boots (she may need them this week as I see the weather is going to be hideous, especially in Scotland!)

  10. Ava is just gorgeous! you should get here these

    Thanks for the link. The bunny monsters look great!

  11. love the baby uggs and Ava has a great head of hair!!! love all your makes x

  12. Love it! Glad to see another Ava picture in there too!!! :) x



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