Thursday 24 May 2012

Mama's having a giveaway!


Jo, over at Bearpapw, was my first ever swap mama in my first ever swap. She also has a shop in Edinburgh, my home city, so for these two reasons alone, I urge you to go visit her blog.
Her real life shop sells all sorts of lovely stuff, homewares and fabric and wool etc. The shop has just launched its online facility and to mark this, Jo is having a giveaway. Whether you knit, sew, craft or do a bit of all of this, it's worth joining in. Just click on the picture above.


  1. So many lovely people trying to take my money!! ;)

  2. I have had a gleek. There is some lovely things there - oh the temptation! Di x

  3. Thanks so much for such a lovely post Sheila! I really appreciate the support :)



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