Saturday 19 May 2012

My Thursday and Friday

Can't think of a clever title - I am feverishly hoping to post a quilt in the Spring Festival but that will have to be tomorrow .
Just wanted to mention Thursday - I visited the Loch Lomond Quilt Show, now in its 8th year. It was the brainchild of three ladies who built it on the idea of the quilt show they were familiar with in Alsace, France.
Each year, there are many and varied exhibitors located in various churches from Dumbarton to Loch Lomond shores.
It is a clever and interesting concept, if a little tiring to get round.
This year we enjoyed several of the exhibitions.The first was an amazing collection of quilts designed to reflect and honour women in Scotland who have left or are making their mark, in many varied walks of life. The design  and execution of so many quilts was awe inspiring.The quilters who produced this work were Tina M Gravatt & Lorraine Sullivan.
The next exhibition that really took our breath away was by a group of Scottish textile artists calling themselves collectively, "Off The Wall" - our favourite pieces were by Jane Appelbee. Do click to go and look at their website.
Lastly we were looking forward to the exhibit of work by Philippa Naylor - even I know that she is a world class quilter and we enjoyed a super chat with Mr Naylor. He graciously allowed photos to be taken and mine certainly don't do justice to these amazing quilts.
You'll have seen this one in magazines, behind Bernina machines.Philippa's husband said this was basically a Lone Star, given Philippa's trademark twist. Oh yeah!

And this one apparently, is a simple Amish design - could've looked at it all day long. The wee white spots were sparklies.

.and then these too -

and then Friday, arriving at work -

and later, look at these - how clever!
What a week.


  1. Eeeeek! Those quilts are amazing! Would love to see them. Happy 'early' retirement!

  2. Oh I really hope you enjoyed yesterday especially - here's to a long and happy retirement xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Those quilts are fab! Loving the retirement 'bouquet' :oD

  4. I have seen Ms Naylor's work before in magazines, and am always impressed.
    Love the retirement 'bouquet'! Enjoy your 'retirement'.

  5. Hope your little charge keeps you busy but with time for lots of sewing!

  6. Your bouquet of Colton and flowers is sweet. I hope that the next step in life will be very happy for you. Di x

  7. I love the flowers and thread but I bet you were a bit sad to be going. The quilts are beautiful!

  8. Happy retirement Shiela - here's to the next phase of your life!

  9. love the flowers with the thread, what a clever idea! Happy Retirement!

  10. I'd love to see P.Naylor's quilts in person - you lucky thing!! Happy Retirement - no quietly sloping off for you!!



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