Thursday 9 August 2012


Has anyone noticed the latest additions to English verbs since the start of the olympics?

to medal.............not to interfere, but to win gold, silver or bronze!
to podium...sounds painful, but it is the desire to get on the podium to receive said medals so I guess you couldn't podium unless you have medalled.

I am adding in a less strenuous verb,........ to zakka.
Yes, in addition to my usual weekly Zakka project, I needed a couple of gifts this week, so I Zakka'd a few of these -
I am also progressing with my Brit Quilt Swap 3 project for my secret partner. I am ready to bind now.
I originally intended my piece to be a triptych (posh eh?) and made 3 separate panels.
My inspiration was a huge palm leaf that I saw on holiday.
I thought I would bind them separately and then join with the top binding strip. My plan now is to join the 3 sections QAYG style with strips, and then possibly invisibly bind the outer edges. It is a technique I saw once at an exhibition, I'll see if I can pull it off.
All the panels were stitched directly on to wadding. The outer panels have additional machine quilting and I have then added some hand stitching with one strand of embroidery floss to the centre panel. I did try first with some sashiko thread that I had but it was too heavy a look, so I unpicked........think I should win gold for unpicking.


  1. Great handstitching detail and lovely Zakka-ing. I cannot stand the awful grammar and invented words that the BBC (the BBC!!) allows... tis shocking!

  2. Gorgeous stitching and hoops! And I agree with Sarah about the BBC ;o)

  3. Aha! Don't get me started - mind you I have been known to invent a few words which Dr Johnson seems to have overlooked!

    Great progress! Might help to podium you! Yup you are right it just doesn't sound comfortable!

  4. Ha ha - lovely 'makery' - I can say that right!?

    I've been too busy cheering to hear the commentary!

  5. Gosh your Brit Quilt is fantastic. Its not to my usual taste but you are doing such a great job with it and your ideas are brilliant. I would love to hear/see more about how you are going to join it.

    I am currently being irritated by exclamation marks. The little blighters just get in everywhere atm.

  6. Well zakked!

    People have been medalling in events for years, you can tell all the non-sporty peeps that have finally started watching ;o)

  7. Looking good! Fab stitching! Jxo

  8. Love the hand-quilting. Bad English getting everywhere, am afraid, even the BBC. ALthough should not be surprised after seeing some of the Jubilee celebrations. Honestly!

  9. I love your zakkering and can`t wait to see how your mini progresses.

  10. Yes, well we quilt the quilts, so surely you can zakka the zakka projects. Good luck with your mini, it is looking good so far.



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