Wednesday 8 August 2012

Off Piste Again

Armchair olympics are very good for hand sewing & knitting aren't they?

This week sees the 19th project in the Zakka sew a long - I haven't managed all of them and hesitated on this week's project, a Sugar Cookie Sack complete with felt cookies.
It's going to be a long time before the wee girl in my life will be old enough to appreciate such goodness so guess what? I adapted and made it a bit different.
Our mentor this week was Jen, who made a little modification herself which I copied. Instead of an embroidered label on the front of the sack, I added a pocket, using the very last scrap of my chosen fabric.

As I stitched the sack, I reckoned it could be a useful little pouch for sewing bits and bobs so added some of my tape measure tape as the ties. As Jen pointed out, a loose tie would be quickly lost, so I secured my tape with a couple of stitches on the back.
In an effort to stick with the programme, I made a wee felt pinnie in the shape of a reel of thread.
This is a simple little sack to construct - I tried to be clever and made mine with French seams to conceal all the raw edges but they proved too bulky, I should have cut the pieces a little wider to accommodate the extra seaming - so I unpicked 4 rows of stitching. I also unpicked and reduced the width of the pocket, pretty much doubling the time it took to complete a straightforward project. Smarty pants!!
Returning to my olympic achievements, I knocked up another wee hat, this time for an older baby I know, so a bit bigger than the last one.


  1. what a great idea with the tape measure. Love the knitted hat

  2. I love your sewing pouch and the hat is really cute!

  3. That little bag is very cute and I love the hats.

  4. Lovely way to adapt it!
    (gotta get me some of that tape measure tape, I love it!)

  5. Sometimes the smaller projects can be just as time-consuming! Love your little tape measure touch! jxo

  6. Love that hat! Yay for the Olympics changing what everyone is making for a few weeks.

  7. Cute interpretation on the bag, and as for the hat, has the bear gone on strike? ;o)

  8. Brilliant use of this little bag - I love the fabric and the tape-tie. The little hat is sweet too. You deserve a gold medal for sewing.

  9. Love your zakka bag and that tie is fantastic! The baby hat is so adorable :)



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