Monday, 10 June 2013

Mod Pop - Quilted

I was on quite a roll last week, and aided by my wonderful Bertha, I finished up all the quilting on my Mod Pop quilt.
 As you can see, it's still in three sections. My next job will be to join the sections together using strips of fabric.
By assembling my quilt this way, it allows me to actually enjoy the quilting, as the widest section is only about 36" wide. I quilted simply, by stitching on either side of the vertical and horizontal seams. A minor error has become a design opportunity (coughs).
My backing had to be pieced a bit - I had, a while ago, bought 4yds of a beige & white houndstooth patterned fabric. Got it cheap and had no plans. Note to self, if buying like this buy in units of at least 2.25 yards and I would at least get multiple drops for a quilt length. The other fabric was an AMH stripe in a lovely aqua. Forget the name of the range, I'll find out for the final reveal. Anyway, the centre panel was backed in the aqua so I matched my bobbin thread to that and used the same up top.
Moved on to an outer section, this time backed with the beige, so I filled up a bobbin to match..........and forgot to change the top back to the lovely pale aqua thread I had used. So for the sidxee sections I quilted vertically in beige, and horizontally in aqua, as if it was always meant to be!! Both threads were Aurifil 50wt.
I set my stitch length to 3.5 and always use a Schmetz 80/12 Jeans needle, both for piecing and quilting.
If time allows, I might even get finish this up in time for the end of the 2nd FAL quarter. I am rather thrilled to be featuring on Cindy 's blog, Live a Colorfil Life Life as part of The Name Game series. I hope you will take a few minutes to go on over and have a look.


  1. Definitely agree with you on the blue instead of chartreuse for your name Sheila!

    Your quilt top is looking great, especially with the design-led thread choices :)

  2. It looks great and clever way of quilting it in sections!

  3. I loved this quilt when you were making it but the quilting makes it look even better. Mistakes can often be design opportunities! Di x

  4. But of *course* it was meant to be like that :oD

  5. LOL! I tell my students that mistakes are really design features!! No-one else would ever know! Jxo

  6. I love the way you've quilted it and can't wait to see it all joined together!

  7. This mod pop is looking lovely and I like the idea of quilting it in sections :)



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