Monday 17 June 2013

Spotlight on Melbourne

A couple of weeks ago my big sis in Oz asked if I had any spare mug rugs hanging about. She has gone off coffee big time and has reverted to using a teapot. So she fancied a teapot stand and mug rug.

I instantly knew which fabric I wanted to use - I bought it last year in Spotlight, in Cairns. It's a cotton / linen mix with images of Melbourne on it. Sis lived for many years there so I hoped the right project would show itself eventually.

I looked to Ayumi's book 
and decided to make the hexagonal trivet and two co-ordinating mug rugs, they are smaller than the trivet but don't look much smaller in my photos. I sized them at 110% of the pattern in the book.
Foundation pieced, I mixed the Melbourne fabric with some colours inspired by the drawings and added in some fine calico, it's a quilting quality, just lovely - think it would be described as muslin in the US whereas our muslin is so thin you could spit peas through it -(a favourite saying of my mum - never saw her try it on anything thankfully)

My only modification was to choose not to do a separate binding - I was a bit pressed for time and decided to "bag" it. When I do this I always split the backing, sew it back together leaving a gap in the centre of the backing for turning. This saves the tell tale bulge that usually happens (with me) when I leave a gap on the side.You can see where I have done this on this pic.

I used Insulbright for the trivet to make it heatproof. And for the mugrugs, Hobbs 80/20

 This has ended up being a wee early birthday pressie, so Happy Birthday, Auld Yin.x


  1. Gorgeous! Initially I thought the "reveal" was the first photo and couldn't believe there was no Blue Patch patched magic..but it was the back! ....and... wow... arent those rug fronts fabulous!

  2. These are gorgeous! And a lovely book too! Jxo

  3. These are lovely! It is so great if you can find fabrics with a place you love! Happy Birthday

  4. They are lovely and a great advert for buying fabric that will be perfect for something one day !

  5. Lovely gift! And I love the fabric! I was born in Melbourne so would love to get some of that fabric! Think I'll try and google it! thanks for sharing!

  6. I love them. Your split backing idea is very clever. I have used insulbright and really disliked it -I have some left but am really avoiding using it. Juliex

  7. Oh they look brilliant; lucky sis x

  8. Well done Sheila though they look far too nice to use!



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