Monday 29 July 2013


I seem to have had a blogging holiday, didn't mean to, maybe it was the heat!!

I have a few things to report, mostly Bee Blocks gratefully received - here are the latest lovely selection, I can't wait to see all of these together.

These are from Janet who cut into precious NEW fabric for me - that is true friendship.

These next ones are from Catherine. My theme is beachy and Catherine has included some footprints in the sand fabric.

And next up are these lovelies, from Di. Check out those seagulls!!

and then from Collette...

and today, Lucy's arrived.

 Isn't it amazing how these blocks, all made by different folks all over the UK, are going to go so well together, I am well chuffed.

I have been doing a little sewing myself..............I have a friend Joanne who has been living in Ayr now for 9yrs. She came along to my classes for a good few years, despite being an experienced quilter, and supported many of my workshops. This week, she and her husband are returning to the US to live. I wish them well, and as a wee parting gift, made her this.

I haven't been very diligent in this year's Zakka inspired sew a long but am dipping in when I can.

I thought I would have a go at this week's Scrappy Box. I started it at the end of last week and laid it to one side in a bit of frustration at the instructions. My head was beginning to spin - and then today, Krista published her version on her blog and reported her findings regarding the instructions and then I didn't feel so bad. I didn't make my panels from little scrap rectangles - instead I had a pile of tiny orphan HSTs and made use of them, and my pockets, sides and base were from Essex linen. My main panels didn't come out at exactly the desired size so I thought my difficulties were due to my befuddled adjustments. Suffice to say my main panel linings did not have the required overlap for the inner base to sit on. So when I returned to the project today my finish was a wee bit fudged. Having said all that, I am quite happy with my Scrappy Box, I think it will find a home in my beachy bedroom and the cheery elephant fabric I used for the lining will remind me of a kind bloggy friend.

I have also slipped back into teaching mode with the first of my new season workshops taking place yesterday. It was part one of the ABC series where everyone has embarked upon making a Strippy Quilt and will learn how to use QAYG techniques to construct it. Oooh you should have seen the lovely fabrics - in fact you could have had I remembered to take a camera!!
On that note, I will take my leave for a day or two - it'll be the month end again soon..........


  1. Great pincushion Sheila, the perfect memento from one quilter to another.

    Haven't attempted the Scrappy Box but will need to check out those issues before I do.

  2. Great idea on the pincushion, and you're going to have a fab beachy quilt!

  3. The blocks are fabulous! No sign of mine then? Great pinny!

  4. Yes the beachy quilt is going to be lovely! Enjoy your bloggy break - I can wholeheartedly recommend them from time to time :) Oh love the pinnies!

  5. Those are lovely blocks, and the box is nice too.

  6. Well! . . . . Hello to the Hefalumps . . .Love the circus tent you've given them. Nice pinny, too!

  7. I love that pin cushion! Your bee blocks look lovely, as does your scrappy box - glad the instructions didn't defeat you!

  8. The pincushion is so cute, what a great idea.
    The bee blocks are great, that's going to be a lovely quilt.
    Pleased to see the scrappy box turned out fine in the end.

  9. The Stingy blocks will really make your heart sing when you get them together - trust me. I like the pinnie and scrappy box too. di x

  10. Love that pin cushion.
    Your box looks great, as do all those beachy blocks; although I am not sure if I am still speaking to you!!

  11. Love the pinnie and all those blocks are going to look fantastic together

  12. Your box looks great in spite of the hiccups - facing mine soon!



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