Friday, 12 July 2013

Sweating the Small Stuff

Good title huh? Sometimes I just astound myself - lol.
So here we are, still basking sweating in temperatures in the high 20s, several consecutive days, almost unheard of here. As always, we Brits complain about the weather and people are muttering about the heat - I imagine all the mums are well chuffed though as our school broke up for summer a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway, despite the heat I have managed a little sewing, and it's all small stuff - see what I did there?

First up, I did the July/August blocks for Judith's Bee Blessed. These were so quick to make and are meant to be for a man quilt - I am not sure my colour choices are right, so Judith, just say and I'll do another couple, I enjoyed making them.

Next is another trivet from Ayumi's book - this is to go with the tea pouch that I made recently and are both destined for a traditional loving quilter friend. I really enjoyed making this again and this time I took the trouble to bind it rather than "bag" it.

I have another couple of projects almost ready to share, both small but they are not quite finished yet.
Meanwhile, I am Queen Bee for July in the Bee a Brit Stingy Bee - I asked for the Woven Ribbons block to finish at 8" and in beachy colours that might sit well with my Mod Pop quilt. This is my first Bee and first time as Queen and it's pretty exciting receiving blocks that others have gone to the trouble of making for you. So far I have had Karen's and they have some of her great fabrics in them.

and these next ones are from Emily.

and here they are, playing nicely together.

I plan to make my blocks into a large runner that will cover a double width chest of drawers. Keep 'em coming girls!!

My last photo shows a little something that arrived in the post last week..........

I know lots of you are getting a bit excited about another certain quilt venue, BUT...........anyone bound for Birmingham??


  1. It's hideously humid here, yuk! Your blocks look rather lovely I'm sure they'll be great for a man quilt :)
    Mum and I had intended to get to FOQ this year but my surgery date has scuppered that. Maybe next year :)

  2. We are never satisfied with the weather are we? Hope tbe sunshine continues though. Really like your trivet it is my favourite project in the book just a nuisance that the templates need to be enlarged!

  3. I posted mine off to you today. It got a bit chilly here this evening

  4. Alas I won't be in Birmingham, though I will make it to London next w/e! Fab blocks for BB, they are brill. Thank you, Jxo

  5. Lovely blocks. I haven't decided about Festival of Quilts yet, I may buy a last minute ticket ( but obvs too late for any classes)

  6. Lovely littel bits and pieces!! I may be in Birmingham - not sure until I book my air tickets!

  7. Great blocks! Mine will be in the post soon - just haven't got to the post office yet!

  8. Well I can guarantee that the weather will break on the 25th, when the English schools break up!

    Your Bee Blessed blocks will go with mine, so may be a mini-man quilt!

    You will have the best dressed dresser in town xxx

  9. Nice job on the blocks everyone :o)

    I dropped off a bunch of my colleagues in Oban yesterday to do a charity cycle ride back to Glasgow, ending today - I suspect they're horribly sweaty and stinky by now!

  10. lots of lovely block there. It has been amazingly sunny hasn't it, I shouldn't moan but I do prefer the shade.

  11. Gorgeous blocks! As you know I hate the hot weather so cheered when I woke up to our second day of overcast skies - this time, though, the cloud stayed all day and we even had a teeny tiny bit of drizzle - hurrah!!!!



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