Friday 20 September 2013

Class Roundup - Project 2

Over the past two weeks my classes have been working really hard on Project 2 of my Sew A Long. Rachel of psiquilt graciously gave me the go ahead to use her pattern from the Moda Bake Shop to make a Grocery Bag Dispenser, or as we might describe it, something to hold plastic bags!
 Many of us already have such a beast, usually fashioned from an old tea towel but for this project we were going upmarket to the luxury version, the fully quilted one! Oh yes!!
One of the things I love about my classes is the variation of fabrics that are used, the creeping in of modern cottons, the exchange of ideas and the wacky ideas that emerge.
As soon as I showed my samples, one lady immediately thought of adapting it to make a bolster cushion cover. Another was asked by her daughter to make one a wee bit smaller, to hold, wait for it - doggy poo bags! These were my samples, bizarre colour quality, think my camera was at wrong setting! The one in the middle was as per the original, made from 16 charms. The one on the right from just one piece of fabric about fat 1/4 sized, and the one on the left was my scaled down version, made from 9 charms for the doggy lovers.......the dog owners in class felt it could go a bit smaller, perhaps using an orphan 12" block would be a good way to go.
This is more like the real colour.

Anyway, this project is quick, easy, and would make a useful gift. For those who are a bit scared to FMQ a big quilt it would make a great practice piece. For the lining, which will not be seen, use up some former fat 1/4 purchases that just make you gasp in horror now. Use it all up. Here are some pics of work in progress. So far this term, classes are really industrious.
Oops, spot the upside down pic.


  1. A quilted placcy bag holder, I have now seen it all :oD Still, glad you had fun!

  2. I think the doggy bag holders beats everything hands down! Lovely work ladies :D

  3. I think your ladies must be having a lot of fun. Juliex

  4. These look great. I've had this on my to do list forever as a carrier bag full of carrier bags is not as pretty as a holder like these!



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