Friday, 6 September 2013

My Week

I can hardly believe it's almost a week since Fresh Sewing Day - I did finish the binding on the little I Spy quilt but seem to have not taken a photo yet, will do for the end of this month. It is a success and Ava seems to love it - result
I had three classes resume this week - this term, I have four classes all following the same programme and it is a zakka inspired Sew A Long. I so enjoyed taking part in the first online Zakka SAL last summer that it sowed the seeds of this plan for my classes.
There will be eight projects taking everyone up to Christmas (sorry, the C word again).
We started off simply with a Stitch and Flip mug mat - although some of the projects might at first seem simple, I am hoping most of the ladies will pick up tips, tricks & techniques along the way. After just one project lots of ladies are saying how good it feels to make something small and to take it home finished.
I didn't capture everything but did snap a few samples.........


I also managed a little sewing for myself - I did this week's project from Ayumi's Patchwork Please SAL. I hadn't tried a zipped pouch like this before with the zip going round the bend and it was ok, I didn't end up going round the bend - the instructions were straightforward and I am pretty pleased with the result.
The contrast fabric was a textured plain which tends to fray a bit so I did stabilise it with some interfacing.

Summer continued here right up to yesterday. But last night the temperature took a dip and I reckon we might have slipped into Autumn.....ah well, I am rather fond of Autumn.


  1. Nice pouch, and congrats to your ladies for starting and finishing their projects!

  2. Love that pouch! Great choice of fabrics. I think it's good to be able to make a whole small item and learn something rather than embark on big projects that may end up being unfinished, if pupils aren't confident with how to continue alone.

  3. Great pouch and I'm happy Autum has arrived! Hello rainy Manchester once again :)

  4. Great start by your ladies.'s a slippery slope until Christmas now!

  5. Hi Sheila, I'm so impressed with the ladies mug mats - they are all lovely. And your bag is just beautiful ... I've been contemplating buying Patchwork Please, I think I will have to now after seeing it.

    The weather ... yes, the temperature has definitely dipped here in Ayr, and now it's raining again.


  6. Love the pouch fabrics! And yes, freaking 10 degrees colder this morning!

  7. I love your pouch and your students are doing so well.

  8. The pouch is lovely, and I'm still waiting of my copy of the book so that I can try a few of those patterns.
    This year has gone very very fast. I've missed winter completely, it's warming up here although the nights are still very cold (for here)!

  9. I reckon your classes must be a blast. Live the shape of that pouch.

  10. The zipped pouch is lovely, love the fabrics

  11. Love the pouch! You're right about autumn, the girls are back in vests today and I'm considering turning the heating on tonight!

  12. Super cute pouch! It was my first try at a zipper like that too!

  13. Great Pouch! and love the fabrics...your "makes" are always very professional.
    I'd be all fingers and thumbs with anything smaller than a pillow...
    31 degrees yesterday and bushfires... its going to be a long summer here.



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