Wednesday 18 December 2013

Not Many Sleeps Now................

My last classes took place last week and I thought I would pop a few pics up - our final project of the term was a Block Book and quite a few were completed in class, a wee bit of prep having been done at home! Some ladies brought all eight projects for an inpromtu show & tell - I have not named these photos because, as predicted I can't guarantee matching all the names to pics correctly. After a week, brain fade has set in and I thought I might as well offend everybody together - lucky you all know what I am like!!

The Sew A Long has been great fun and I have had such positive feedback - I have to admit the idea was inspired by last year's Zakka Sew A Long. Thank you to all my ladies who supported the project this term, your blind faith is just wonderful. Some of you are unable to return in January and some others are joining me, for The Bag!!
I think I need to accept that little personal sewing can be done now as I am trying hard to tidy the sewing room and convert it into a guest bedroom..........agghhhh!!
My final project of the year was a quick stocking.
Judging by the reduced frequency of my posts these past few months, not sure I will manage another before Christmas Day so let me take this opportunity of wishing all my readers everywhere, a very Happy Christmas and a Guid New Year.xx


  1. Nice job ladies, whoever you may be!

    Merry Christmas :o)

  2. Your class members are super sew-ers.
    Happy Christmas to you too.
    Di x

  3. Enjoy Christmas and the birthday season!
    Have a lovely time, and see you on the other side.

  4. Have a fabulous Christmas Sheila

  5. "Brain fade" . . .

    Contagious? Yep.
    I have heard that a wee sherry is good medicine! Happy Happy Xmas xx

  6. Wonderful collection of class makes! Have a well deserved rest over Christmas! Jxo

  7. I hope you have the best holidays and a wonderful new year too! As usual, your students do such lovely work.

  8. What a talented bunch of students you have Sheila!

    Have a lovely Christmas and a great New Year.

  9. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
    It's great to see all the lovely work that your talented students produced.

  10. what a clever bunch of students but then they have an awesome teacher! love the stocking too! Merry Christmas to you to Sheila. xx

  11. I wasn't offended at all Sheila! Didn't they do well .....! to quote a geriatric TV presenter.

    Merry Christmas to you too and looking forward to a Stingy Bee New Year with you!

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