Wednesday 5 March 2014

Where Do I Start?

Well, I'll just follow on from my last post - I did mean to do the end of February thing but the days are flying past and technical issues have conspired against me too.

So I finished up my orphan quilt, orphan in as much as all but the four corner blocks were really old and ignored stuff, lingering in drawers. I put it all together and tried to cheer it up and in the end, you know, I was pleased to have made something from nothing. I posted it off yesterday so hopefully it will eventually bring a little comfort to someone..........

And I also sent off a few single blocks to Alison, in case you are not aware of her cause, have a look here
The first two blocks, once again, were just loitering in my drawers, so to speak, and the last  one, just a bit of machine embroidery on a solid background. 
If any one in my classes has such orphans lying about and you want to help - all you need to do is layer up and quilt the block and let me have them to pass on. Just be sure they finish up at 12 1/2 " to make things easier for Alison to QAYG.

I have been working like a dervish to complete next session's project which will be a quilt - all should be done in time to reveal in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile as this session draws to a close my "Bag Ladies" are producing wonderful results with their "Overnighters" - I am so excited because I think tomorrow's class will actually have theirs joined up and looking like - a bag! I will be sure to snap away and hope to share some pics with you.

A certain little someone in my life will be 2 next week - hard to believe - she had a play kitchen at Christmas, so every good cook needs an apron & hat, yes??

I made this from a tea towel but followed this great pattern. The neck strap is elasticated and the tie closes with Velcro, enabling the wee one to put it on and tie it herself, so clever.

The chef's hat, another great internet find, is being modelled here, by Mickey, who at 30yrs old, is feeling a bit put out. Mickey is doing rather well, having lived in the attic for many years. He has a box in his back into which cassettes are placed (if you don't know what a cassette is - Google it!!) After all this time he still talks and tells stories, with eyes rolling & mouth moving. He will however, now always be known as "Hotdog".

I am Queen Bee this month in the Bee a Brit Stingy Bee - I think my fellow Bees are a bit amused at my request. Still on an Ava theme, one of my longer term projects is to make 20 wee quilts for an Ikea dollies' bed. I have about 8 done and will share them with you another time. I thought it would be fun to ask the Bees to make me some blocks to make another two quilts and decided on these........

A little Bright Hopes block - this involves partial seaming, and I have asked for absolutely any fabrics but with a white centre.

And in aquas and pink, most appropriately, a Wee Granny!


  1. Love your something out of nothing quilt for Alison. It really has taken on a new lease of life! Still laughing about what loiters in your drawers! ;-)

  2. Love the centre of your quilt for Alison. It will be so loved!

  3. I love your quilt and blocks for Alison! I also love your choice of bee block but still think you could have asked for more!!!

  4. You start at the very beginning, a very good place to start... ;o)

    Loving the birthday pressies and teeny wee blocks

  5. The quilt for Alison is fabulous. Those blocks all look great together.
    Love Ava's apron, so cute.

  6. How nice to have put those orphan blocks to use and for a great cause too. Sadly no need to Google cassettes here :)

  7. No, Mickey looks in great shape!
    . . . . Although you've snipped his ears off . . . a bit like that cloche that Helen suffocated Archie ('s pride) in t'other day.

  8. The quilt is fab. Are you on IG? I posted the first pic I've received of one of the quilts on a bed in their new home :-)



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