Monday 19 May 2014

A Double Whammy

I have a FAL Q2 finish!! And as I was prepping to do this post I thought, what the heck, let's put it into the Blogger's Quilt Festival.

This was my part of a group entry from my local Quilters' Guild into the Loch Lomond Quilt Show - and our group was one of 20+ groups that entered the Chinese Whispers challenge. Basically, number one participant in each group was given a photograph, each group had the same photo. Number one made a small quilt, inspired by said photo and passes her quilt to number two who is inspired to make another. The fun is when all quilts are viewed as a group and you can see the thread or theme disappear before your eyes. We were all sworn to secrecy, not allowed to discuss our quilts with anyone and nobody other than number one knew what the photo had been. I can now reveal that the photo was of an iconic bridge in Glasgow - the Squinty Bridge - also known as the Clyde Arc or Finnieston Bridge.

I was number two in our group and obviously recognised the bridge, but being an Edinburgh girl decided to keep the bridge theme but move East and so opted to have a go at the Forth Bridges.
We each had 8 weeks to complete our mission and I remembered being totally panic stricken back in November 2012, when I started my project. 
I took inspiration from an online image and bought some batiks in what I hoped would be the right colours. My plan was to piece some of the background in an effort to emulate the technique I had seen in Gloria Loughman's work.
I made a full sized sketch plan and worked the rail bridge in narrow black bias tape. The road bridge is harder to see, I did most of it in stitch with just the curved outline in a couched metallic cord.

I passed my quilt on to number three without having bound it and I was never too happy with the reflection of the rail bridge so for these reasons it became eligible for the Finish Along this quarter, knowing I had to have it ready for the Quilt Show. My friend Janet encouraged me to slap carefully apply some paint to the stitched reflection and with some trepidation I gave it a go, not as scary or disastrous as I feared.

And at the bottom, I did a bit of FMQ for texture............

It was fun to see the wee quilt as part of a group exhibition and I have obviously got carried away with myself and have decided to enter it into the BQF under Art Quilts.
I shall leave you with an image from Loch Lomond on Saturday there, as Janet said so eloquently, "Sheila, hung at last!!"

Thank for dropping in to look, my other entry is HERE.


  1. Wow, it looks wonderful! What great colours! Will we get to see the rest of the quilts in your whispers circle?

  2. It's a beautiful art quilt! The details are great! Well done S! Jxo

  3. Such a brilliant idea! They must have been all so different! Love your quilt!

  4. Paint? . . Batiks? . . .
    Wow. . you pulled off several "Challenges" in one go!
    Gorgeous....and good luck! Its on FB too!

  5. How gorgeous! And what a cool inspiration idea - I love how it's basically a game of quilt telephone!

  6. Great quilt Sheila and what a fun challenge to take part in!

  7. What a great project. Your quilt is wonderful, I love the painted reflection especially.

  8. Great job! I'm really impressed with your design and the colors.



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