Tuesday 17 June 2014

Running out of FAL titles

At the risk of becoming repetitive I can share another FAL Q2 finish - by now you know most of my projects were little 'uns. I do maintain however that it is just as easy not to finish a little project than a big one. This wee "Princess" quilt was made last year with leftovers from my Mod Pop quilt. All it needed was a bit of binding but there was always something more pressing that needed done. Now it's finished and here it is, pretending to be a grown up quilt.

For these little quilts I use a 1.5" single fold binding, attach to the back, bring to the front and machine applique to finish, one side at a time.

I mentioned in the last post that I had indulged in some fabric shopping - Hawthorne Threads had Shimmer in their newsletter a few weeks ago and I knew it was going to be the perfect choice for a longer term quilt project that I have in the dark recesses of my mind - the fabric is by Jennifer Sampou for Robert Kaufman and I ordered it in two lots due to some being out of stock already. 
The one at the right back isn't from the range but Hawthorne's website is so helpful and clever, they have "near matches" for you to consider and I am more than happy, it's another Kaufman. All of the fabrics have a metallic glint to them and I think they will suit my new project which I'm afraid I must keep to myself.
Unfortunately, my second delivery of goodness was preceded by this - grrrr.

It's not even the VAT that annoys me, it's the PO handling charge of £8.........considering you have to go and collect the parcel, I do think they're having a laugh!
In between all my cutting last week, (still making pre-cuts from scraps, slightly addicted now), I finished up a couple more blocks for Soy Amado/a. This first one was an old class sample showing how to plait strips (tute here if you are interested) - I added a border &quilted it.

The next two blocks were demo, sew along samples from a recent Mile a Minute workshop, look a bit like wonky log cabins.

I did do a little more thrifty shopping - this time it's for my Christmas in July workshop on 27th July. We will be making a Tree Skirt and my current sample is perfectly ok, I use it every year myself but I plan to make a couple more for presents. I got most of my fabric from Doughtys - they have some surprising designer fabrics sprinkled through their website and in their Christmas section, I think something to suit many tastes.
This is my current Tree Skirt, it can be backed with a print which then makes it reversible.

And these are the fabric combos for my new ones,

These are all by Anni Downs and selling at £6.99. I plan to combine the first two on the front with the musical notes on the back.

These are all by Nancy Halvorsen's Ho Ho Ho, I think an old line as the first one on the right was out of stock and I had to source elsewhere (at full price!!) I haven't captured the colour too well, the prancing deer are in a lovely aqua on aqua and will be married with number two for a more grown up side, with the novelty Christmas on the right appealing to kids.
I still have a couple of spaces left on the workshop if anyone is interested, just email me for details.
So, one more little UFO to finish and I have completed all of my FAL pledges for the quarter, feeling smug.


  1. As usual, lovely colourful post, making me wish I could sneak into your sewing room and drool 24/7.

  2. Well your title make me giggle! Pretty mini and I love the machine appliqué! Fun wonky too!

  3. You are on a roll there clearing up projects. I thought I was doing really well on the FAL but checked a couple of days ago and it seems I have done less than thought. Almost out of time too!

  4. More finishes?! Anyone would think you were retired or something ;o)

  5. That £8 charge is a killer isn't it Sheila, and so random too. Love the Princess quilt!

  6. I love the Princess quilt - is there any chance of seeing a mosaic of all of them so far?!!

    P.S. I am also chasing FAL finishes this week...

  7. Yes let's see them all Sheila!

    Great news on you finishes - well deserved smug moment!

  8. Yes let's see them all Sheila!

    Great news on you finishes - well deserved smug moment!



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