Friday 20 June 2014

Last FAL & A Big Girl Quilt... last.
Yes, my final FAL project for the quarter is done - it was a bit of improv piecing done by my friend Janet as an experiment, and donated to the Princess cause.
I trimmed it to size and enjoyed a bit of FMQ before binding with what I thought was white but is the palest shade of pink, but no worries, it looks fine.

I promise I'll do a parade, soon, of Princess quilts completed so far - I have 14 made and am aiming for 20 as per the fairy tale.
Another finish that I have managed this month is my Mystery Quilt a Long with Sarah Fielke & Spotlight in Australia. My friend Salley, from Sydney, always refers to this shop as Spotty so I have decided to call the quilt Spotty. I stopped short of the full pattern and also used my own stash fabrics instead of the SF ones, so didn't join in 100%. I also got a bit bored with the amount of circles and applique but we were warned that there was a lot of applique so I can't really complain. 
 So this one measures about 56" square, makes a change from the tiddlers I've been working on lately. I quilted it in a sort of spider's web which looks, ok - ish. I just couldn't capture it properly on film as my backing is plain white and we have had wall to wall sunshine for over a week now (honestly!!) so conditions a little bright.
 This one shows the quilting a bit better, if you really peer at it - not advisable.

I have long admired quilts bound in B & W but decided that a Spotty quilt needed spotty binding and I am delighted with it. Just a label now and I am ready to part with it - it is destined for my niece, who will be 18 next month. Hope she likes it........


  1. Two great finishes and you completed your FAL list. Go you! I am so not going to manage that.


  2. Great Quilt...and *applause* for finishing it.
    The owls and your fabrics make this terrific....not a fan of "matchy-matchy" and I hope the niece is "over the moon" . . .so much work and fab quilting...didnt know what you were going to do ...and perfect choice of binding!

  3. Could do with that here right now. Alas the postage makes it prohibitive. It's down to about 25 deg C and I am visibly shivering.

  4. Great work on the FAL! I love the quilt with all the circles, but I truly prefer piecing over applique for making them. The fabrics you used for it are fantastic, such a nice mix.

  5. Of course she'll like it! Well done for finishing your list!

  6. It looks fabulous Sheila, she will love it

  7. I love 'Spotty' and the mix of fabrics you've used - not surprised you got a bit sick of appliquéing circles, though! Well done on finishing everything on your FAL list - do you get a special prize for that?!!

  8. Great finish Sheila, and how nice to have a problem showing the quilting because of too much sunshine :) Enjoy it while it lasts!

  9. Both beautiful finishes. Congratulations on finishing the "boring" appliqué. From here your boredom doesn't show!



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