Sunday, 10 August 2014

136 Days Until Christmas

A fresh month always means new Bee blocks to be done. This month the Queen Bee in our Bee a Brit Stingy Bee is Nicky and she has thrown us a curved ball. She plans a Winter quilt and has asked for blocks of a Scandinavian feel - we can choose or design the blocks ourselves and we have a choice of sizes. She favours red, cream and aqua and from what I have seen so far, this is shaping up to be a glorious quilt.
I have enjoyed raking about looking for blocks and have made a couple of FP trees which will finish at 3" and a 9" block inspired by knitting patterns.  I have more up my sleeve..........

Nicky obviously has the bit between her teeth this month. She is already involved with Siblings Together and has decided to make an early start on quilts for this great cause, that will be needed next summer! She has come up with a really simple block that has a great look when multiplied in a quilt. I made this one very quickly because as many of you know I underwent an organisational epiphany last month so have a box of 2.5" strips just waiting for such a project. Maybe you have some Jelly Roll strips lying about?

Nicky is hoping for each block to be kept to a colour family with the diagonal steps in white, and running in either direction to allow flexibility in block layout. Nicky knocked up this whole top last week..........
If anyone is interested in helping Nicky, I have a quick handout here for making the block.

I also made good progress on my Advent Calendar, just waiting for a fabric delivery to finish, and I finished off the second Tree Skirt. So again, nearly everything I have been doing this week is related to Christmas, or Winter!! As I look out of the window at the moment, I could be forgiven for thinking it is already Winter.
And I bought my first Christmas pressies today! I blame my daughter who is a Christmas Day baby and always encourages me into early shopping...................


  1. Go you! Still ignoring the 'C' word as much as possible ;o) Next summer I can embrace though :oD

  2. Until the girls are back in school I refuse to even think about Christmas, let alone do anything. But I admire your efforts hugely.

  3. I admire your efforts immensely! Loving what you are doing and looking forward to receiving them - thanks so much Sheila

  4. Eek more??? Looks like you have done lots already

  5. I bought Christmas fabric on Friday. I love your blocks!

  6. Love that pattern! I am binding a Christmas table topper right now, and I bought a Christmas table runner kit 2 weeks ago. Now if I could just buy early gifts like you did!

  7. There's nothing quite like that feeling of being organised, is there?!! Love your blocks for Nicky!

  8. An organisational epiphany sounds quite scary Sheila, but it is doing wonders for your Christmas sewing though :)



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