Monday, 25 August 2014

Into the Groove

Well, I couldn't call it Back to School again.

Yes, schools are back here in Scotland and my classes resumed last week. It seemed for a moment there that Summer was over but the weather picked up again and we enjoyed a pretty good weekend. I am sorry if your Bank Holiday today was not blessed with sunshine.

So I am running four classes this year, two in Week 1 and two in Week 2 - everyone is following one main project, The Modern Sampler. Basically there are four different blocks although a couple will have variations - and then the quilt will be layered up in 3 main sections and joined using Quilt As You Go techniques.
One of the things I love about teaching a project is seeing the variety of fabric and colours that are chosen. All these different choices come together to make very different quilts. I finished making the one in the above picture in January this year and recently decided (as always!!) that I might as well make another, along with my classes. I find demonstration is the best form of tuition, and everyone loves it if I mess up like on Wednesday when I didn't notice my wee mechanical machine was still set to zig zag and I had my 1/4" foot on - oops!!
So I have chosen a very different palette to the one above. I pulled a fat 1/8th bundle of Cuzco by Kate Spain, from my stash and decided to go for a b & w spotty background, very different for me.

Just before classes started back I asked my students if they would like to make some blocks for Nicky's Siblings Together drive. Here is what turned up on the first week, also in the post and to my door...........

and a few more,

Thank you ladies, you are all brilliant!!


  1. Wow! Sheila, your combinations are so elegant, crisp, and alive! Beautiful music here! Shine on!

  2. The sampler quilt is stunning! You've clearly got your ladies well trained, making charity bee blocks! Jxo

  3. Looking great all! The irony is, we had great weather this weekend and I was in hibernation mode

  4. Beautiful sampler quilt!! I love a wee muck up in class as it shows u are only human x

  5. I love both versions of your sampler and can't wait to see the demonstration version finished!

  6. The sampler takes new life in your hands. ;) Beautiful.

  7. Loving your Cuzco sampler and those jewel colours! And thanks for those blocks Sheila and your ladies - you are stars



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