Sunday 16 November 2014

Schedules and Countdowns

I swear as soon as someone mentions the C word, time takes on a different speed. Suddenly people talk in "days until Christmas" instead of weeks and we all feel a sense of impending panic.
 I haven't posted so much this month so I thought you might like to see progress so far on my Modern Sampler class.
Although I teach weekly, my students attend on a fortnightly basis and I have been giving out new block instructions every second class, once every four weeks. (Sorry if this makes your head hurt). This has created quite a relaxed pace with pretty much everyone keeping up.
I am making another quilt, along with my ladies, it's a very different palette for me.

In the first month we did the following blocks with a sort of cross feature, for those who wanted to stretch themselves a wee bit, I added in an Ohio variation and called it Ohio Cross. In my own blocks below I did not pay attention to colour value and am disappointed at the results. My star points are lost against my dark background...........and I am the teacher, doh!!

In month 2, the block was called Susanna - basically an Economy block in the centre surrounded by squares. I was trying to encourage a scrappy look and anyone who wanted something a little more challenging could FP a more complicated centre. My lesson in this month was how difficult I find it to be totally random.

Block 3 was really a choice of two different blocks, one a challenging FP block - Morning Star - and the other, Rolling Stone, or Broken Wheel depending upon placement of fabrics. I was trying to offer blocks where the patchwork results in circular appearance. I learned that I wasn't in the mood to do a 3rd Morning Star and tossed in a total variation - well it is a sampler, and my ladies are allowed to do variations too!

Next week I will be teaching what has become one of my favourite blocks, the Granny square.

Here is a sneaky peek.

This weekend, I had a little help in the sewing room - my threads were "tidied" up. Now this is someone looking forward to the "C" word in a big way. Hurry up Santer......


  1. My, she's getting big! Those blocks are fab! Going to make stunning sampler quilts! Jxo

  2. The blocks look great and I love those vintage ones where bits disappear

  3. Love those blocks Sheila, isn't it fascinating how the fabric choices impact upon the outcome of the block? It is going to be a lovely quilt.

  4. Gorgeous quilt coming up!.
    Orange and pink is my favourite colour combo and I love all your fabrics highlighted by the black dots.
    Your little helper is obviously in love with colour!

  5. I'm definitely not ready for the 'D' word in relation to the 'C' word. Although I do have my Lego advent calendar all set up and ready to go ;o)

  6. I love all your blocks and think the Ohio Cross block is a great idea!



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