Wednesday 29 October 2014

Tumbling Around

Last Sunday I held my Tumbler Cushion workshop. I had bought a Tumbler die for my Accuquilt Go last year in the US when I was on holiday and early in the New Year set to making my sample cushion. I was happy with my cushion but less than happy with the cutting process, the shapes did not cut cleanly.
This is an issue I had with my very first die that came with the machine and to their credit, Accuquilt did replace that die.
With the possible problem at the back of my mind and a full booking list for the workshop I tried another cutting session a couple of months back and things were worse than I remembered. As cutting with Gordon (my Go) is part of the attraction for this particular workshop I had to bite the bullet and buy a new die.
My initial try outs were good,.........and things proved even better on Sunday. Everyone cut their tumblers with ease - phew!

Because the cutting was done in next to no time it meant that there was a good chance of completing, or nearly completing their cushions.
And when you realise that all my cushion workshops involve quilted backs and fronts then you will agree that is a great achievement in a day!
This was my sample cushion.............
and here are some from Sunday, in can see the construction process,  it's like a small rectangular quilt.

and while this hard work was going on I did a little Tumbler Vomit

and there were some finishes too!

Well done ladies, it was a really good day. I might invest in the bigger Tumbler die now, I have some ideas.................

And if you are looking for my BQF entry go HERE.


  1. Great Result!
    Those eye spy tumblers can never be called Vomit! Lots of fun.
    Will it shrink to become a Dolly Quilt or is it another cushion in the making?

  2. I love those cushions! Did you ever email Accuquilt about the faulty die?



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