Monday 1 February 2016

Getting Back on the Horse

Well! That was a bit of a lull wasn't it?
I didn't set out to forget January, it has just slipped by so quickly.

The problem with posting less and less is that I can see how easy it would be to forget all about the blog, and having been gently nudged by a couple of my students recently, I am going to try and keep it going.

So, I missed doing a 2015 roundup, I didn't mention any Christmas presents, given or received, no New Year resolutions to publish and then break,, in short, I am leap frogging right into February - no pun intended in this, a Leap Year.

January was busy, and eventful - friends and family had accidents, all ok, but nasty occurrences at the time.
One friend lost the tip of her forefinger to a rotary cutter, so.......BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!!

My classes all started back and quilted blocks for Siblings Together have come in, thick and fast.
You may recall from this post, that I launched a challenge that should result in us making 4, 60" square quilts, for Siblings together.
The first one is almost complete, with just a wee bit of binding to finish.

The blocks which finish at 20" came to me quilted - I joined them together using strips but my intersections weren't too accurate so I decided to applique the white hearts on - think I got away with it............

I see from my last post that I featured Madeline's quilt, from one of last term's classes - this was a quick two hour play about with jelly roll strips. Madeline made her little quilt bigger and started decided to applique little birds all around the borders. It's all done now and she free machine quilted all the birds, to secure them. It is a delightful quilt.

Last year, I subscribed to Today's Quilter and began the Block of the Month project, designed by Jen Kingwell, whose My Small World I so enjoyed making last year (still to be quilted). I am keeping up so far, and these were January's blocks - they might vary a little here and there because I am using scraps and orphans again........... I seem to have developed a real love for scrappy.

Bee a Brit Stingy 2015 has wrapped up and I recently received my rows from all my Bee pals.
Here they are, quickly laid out - I have some thinking to do about final layout and maybe adding in some further skinny rows.Meanwhile we are busy planning our 2016 project which should prove to be our most challenging yet.

And finally, I received my subscription copy of Today's Quilter on Saturday - I could hardly contain myself as I have my very first project published in it - my  Mega Pinnie!! I am so thrilled with the way my words and diagrams have been so professionally translated into the magazine - it even made the front cover. 

It's out on 4th - just saying.


  1. Woo Hoo!
    Good on ya Sheila. Top result.
    Love those birdies to stretch out the jelly roll quilt....and I do like your "Scrappy"

  2. It's lovely to see your projects and fantastic to see you in a magazine too.

  3. Hope your plans for Stingy 4 are going well! And congratulations on the mega pinnie being published!

  4. I've got Today's Quilter on my iPad and seen your Mega Pinnie. It's looks really good and instructions really clear too.

  5. Yay to everything! Congrats and the first of many magazine articles I assume! That top quilt might just be making it into another...fingers crossed!

  6. I sliced the top of a finger tip too - not all the way - and with lots of pressure managed to keep it all together, just in case it happens in your class!



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