Sunday 28 February 2016

Rite of passage

Today, I held my final workshop in Alloway Village four weeks time my regular classes will come to a close, not just for the season, but under the Bluepatch umbrella, for the last time.
Yes, I am hanging up my rotary cutter, well in a teaching capacity that is..........

I have been teaching now for 12 years, I started with 4 ladies around my dining table and currently have 4 classes of 12 ladies in a local community centre.

Those of you who have followed this blog will have seen much of the work completed by my super students.
We have made many a quilt, lots of smaller items like the Mega Pinnie, overnight bags, so many things, too numerous to mention. We have held an Open Day at the end of each session and raised hundreds of pounds for different charities, and we have made blocks and this year, quilts, again, for different charities.

I always wanted to teach but for one reason or another it was never meant to be, back when I was young.
Looking back over the last 12 years and having read the many lovely recent emails from some of my students, I have come to realise that I have indeed fulfilled that long held ambition.

It has been an absolute privilege to pass on my love of patchwork and quilting and infect so many others with my obsession.
I have watched friendships grow in class and I count myself lucky to have made so many friends myselfalong the way.

It was terribly hard making the decision to retire, but I hope I sweetened the pill by announcing to my classes that one of my very talented students is going to take on the role and begin classes of her own.

Amanda has been with me for a relatively short time but her abilities were easy to spot. Many of you will know her on Instagram as weeshuttermonkey.

For her new teaching venture she has rebranded the classes and will become Cake and Crafting with Shuttermonkey.

I wish her well and know she will get oodles of support from all my lovely ladies.

I plan to keep on blogging, keep on quilting, keep on selling my Aurifil and keep on keeping in touch with as many of you all as I can.

In the meantime here are a few pics from today's workshop.


  1. Sad to see the end of your classes Sheila, must say I have thoroughly enjoyed learning all the different aspects of quilting on Thursdays and meeting and making new friends as a bonus. I wish you every happiness in your "retirement" although can't imagine you sitting with your feet up watching daytime TV. Looking forward to your open day and following your blog in the future.

  2. Hooley Dooley . . . you'll go for the cake I presume??
    Must have been hard to let go but I'm so glad it was as fulfilling for you as it would no doubt have been for all your regulars. A new door opens Sheila and we all look forward to seeing your creativity shine further. Congratulations!!

  3. I am sure that your students will miss you Sheila but it looks like you are leaving them in good hands. Cake and crafting = the perfect combination :)

  4. Can't believe you're retiring (is that actually allowed?!). I'm sure you have earned it Sheila, but I do hope you will still do one day a year at the Stitch gathering still!!

  5. You will be very much missed I am sure but I hope that you will now have extra time to stitch for pleasure and maybe to spend with your sweet little granddaughter too.

  6. Once a teacher, always a teacher ;o) Hope you get plenty of 'just for me' sewing time!



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