Monday, 4 April 2016

Bluepatchquilters' Open Day

So, it's all over - our final Open Day was yesterday and my plan was to reflect the different projects we have tackled over the last 12 years. There weren't as many quilts on show as in previous years but that allowed for a bit more room to move and to view those that were on display.

As most of you know, there was a huge focus on our fundraising this year with extra impetus from my online friends.
We had a huge amount of "stuff" on the Bring Buy Stall and brisk business at the Lucky Dip which sold out in record time

Demand for teas & coffee was high as always, possibly due to the lure of luscious home baking. I felt it my duty to conduct some quality control in that department.......

I was main photographer this year and feel on reviewing my pics, that I might have included a few more but must have been distracted (probably by those cakes again!)

Anyway, just to give you a flavour of the event, here is a wee slideshow - when you hover over the play button, the big P for Pinterest appears, click just outside the P to be taken to the slideshow
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As I said before, there was a lot of focus on the fundraising and this year we chose to give our funds raised to Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity (see this post).

I knew before going yesterday that is was going to be a good one - I had received way in excess of 200 fat 1/4 s following  my Instagram appeal, not only fat 1/4 s, but lovely crafted items and it seemed not a day went by last week that I didn't get an envelope in the post with a tenner inside.
I received donations from friends and family, and from students current and former.

We achieved a total of £1675.36, a sum beyond my wildest dreams and proves how much kindness there is in the world.

So thank you - to everyone who responded to my Blog and IG appeal.
To friends and family. (including OH  Allan who has manhandled chairs and tables and sewing machines in his janitorial role, for 12 years)
To my lovely Sewing Bee mates for running the kitchen and serving the teas etc.
To my squad of volunteers who manned the busy Bring & Buy Stall.
To my Crafty Duo for manning the Craft Stall.
To Amanda who has agreed to run classes now that I have retired. Good luck for the future.
To each and every one of my lovely ladies who has attended my classes and workshops over the last 12 years.
Couldn't have done it without you all.

To finish, please indulge me - my wee grand daughter, Ava, made her first appearance at an Open Day when she was just 3 weeks old. She has now turned 4 and has just been to her 5th. Try as I might I can't find my photos from last year so have substituted one from the same month.


  1. I am just so pleased for you that it was such a success because you totally deserve it with all the work you've put in. Congratulations and thank you for raising so much money for such a good cause. X

  2. Brilliant Sheila, well done what an achievement. Can't believe how grown up Ava is now!

  3. Well done S on another fantastic show! And great fund raising too! My how Ava has grown! Jxo

  4. What a fabulous amount you raised Sheila, well done to everyone involved.

  5. Congratulations Sheila. What an amazing Community person you are.
    Your regulars will definitely miss your energy and enthusiasm.
    Loved seeing Ava getting older! xx

  6. The exhibition was such a great success, Sheila, and I'm sure Yorkhill will be delighted with the amount raised. The slide show is lovely, as is your granddaughter. It's just such a shame that I didn't meet you sooner, before you retired. (I introduced myself just before leaving.) However, I went along to the new craft group and met a lot of your lovely quilters and plan to go every week too so may see you there should you decide to come along too. Elizabeth

    PS: I've posted photos taken at the exhibition in a series of three posts on my blog - here's the link:



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