Thursday, 1 October 2009


What a glorious morning - sun shining, leaves dropping, my favourite season..........

Welcome Kate - nice to meet you. I am very new to blogging as you might imagine - how did you come across the blog? Just interested. I will take time later to have a look at your blog. Small world this quilting community isn't it.

Another snippet for the goose makers on Sunday - Poundland has raffia!!


  1. Hi Sheila, the blog is fab! Autumn my fav season also. Looking forward to more pics, quilts maybe? Or maybe 15 stuffed geese in Alloway!
    Being nosey, why bluepatch quilter?
    see you on Sunday, Margaret

  2. Hi Sheila - Tried Poundland for Raffia they did not have any reason being garden season is now over??? Thought I should pass this info on incase anyone else is having the same problem. Ray



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