Monday, 5 October 2009

Stuff a Goose for Christmas

What a lovely day we had yesterday creating geese inspired by Tone Finnanger's book "Crafting Springtime Gifts". 15 ladies attended the workshop and by the end of the day we had 15 different character geese produced! It was possibly the quietest workshop ever, concentration levels were at an all time peak. As usual the weather outside was beautiful - don't forget, if you are planning an important event, check out my workshop dates, I think the good weather record must be at about 99%. Have a look at some of the photos from yesterday.........I have had some more sent by Lorna but unable to access our mail at the moment - any recommendations for a reliable internet provider??


  1. A great day. Most enjoyable. Well done Sheila.

  2. I have called my goose Lucinda and I love her! The workshop was a lot of fun. Margaret

  3. Loved the goose workshop,will have to make another one soon .........are you repeating this class one Sheila?

    Feathers McGraw and Delia



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