Friday 16 October 2009

Rural Views..........

So, last night I was off to Barr to give a wee talk to the Upper Stinchar WRI. It's many years since I was last in Barr (as a rent collector!!).........I took the coast road and what a beautiful evening it was as I drove down, Ailsa Craig was standing very clear and dramatic as the sun was setting.
As I turned off the road at Old Dailly, the sign said 4 miles, apparently I was following "the corkscrew". The windfarm was a new sight since my last visit and as I climbed up into the hills they became larger and larger until I was surrounded by turbines, they were turning quite slowly and with the contours of the hills the whole effect was quite spooky - I am sure there is probably a quilt in it somewhere!! After a very long 4 miles, I arrived in the village, feeling somewhat mesmerised by my twisty drive.

The ladies were very welcoming and seemed to enjoy my quilts - if any of them are visiting this blog, many thanks for the invite and for your hospitality.

My return journey was dark, and incident free..........

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  1. Delighted to learn that you do talks as recently appointed programme sec. for Carrick Quilters could I approach you as a speaker please? I would love to have someone come and give us a talk on Colour as so many people find it difficult to know what goes with what and how to make the most of their choices. I am looking for speakers for end 2010 begining 2011. cheers Tricia



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