Monday, 8 March 2010

Culture Vulture

Well, little old me has been exposed to a bit of culture this weekend.

On Sunday I fell heir to tickets to a couple of events at Aye Write, Glasgow's Book Festival which is currently being held in the Mitchell Library. We listened to Sue Lawrence talk about her latest book, "Taste Ye Back: Great Scots and the Food That Made Them". It was an interesting discussion, full of food nostalgia with the bonus of a tasting session at the end!
Later there was the chance to hear Joss Ackland discuss his book about his life with his wife who sadly succumbed to Motor Neurone disease.
It was great to see the venue so busy, surely proving that there are still many readers out there in the real world. Click here for more info.

Not satisfied with just one trip to Glasgow, today I was back up for a visit to the Collins Gallery to see an exhibition of Japanese Sashiko work - this was a most interesting collection of old garments and modern contemporary pieces. Definitely worth a visit, and no charge! Click here for more info on sashiko.


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