Tuesday 4 January 2011


...................I expect you are all fed up with leftovers by now but thought I'd share my current "recipe" with you.

First of all, do you remember this wee guy?
"Scraps", birthday pressie for nephew Evan, last year.............

....so a few weeks ago, on somebody's blog, I read of a great boy project - a cushion with a couple of pockets, one for a book, and one for a torch. (Evan's mum, Lynn, is a great reader so I am sure will heartily approve of encouraging reading under the covers)
Have tried, in vain, to find that blog so am making it up as I go........

so far, the patchwork - I decided on 2" squares to use up as much leftover fabric as I could - thought I'd aim for an 18" cushion, wow, that meant 64 squares, just for a wee cushion - eek! Didn't really take all that long.
Next job, to quilt it and then add the pockets, think I will make a fleece back, maybe even fleece pockets.......watch this space.


  1. These are lovely! I was wondering why i wasn't getting up-dated on your new posts and i have just realised it's because i wasn't following you! lol!

  2. Thanks Rachel - that's me into double figures - woohoo.



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