Thursday 13 January 2011


Finally, we have a carpeted living room, yippee. We ordered a new carpet & sofa just before New Year. The carpet was fitted today, the sofa?...10 - 12 weeks, oops, not good forward planning. Ah well.

So - whilst the carpet fitters did their thing, I was sort of imprisoned in my sewing room (lol) and managed to finish the two cushion covers. I always opt for the easy envelope back for cushions but was worried that using fleece would result in a strethy, gaping back. So, I decided to bind the edges with cotton before adding the backing pieces. I did the same on both cushion backs, and for Evan's, I bound the pocket edge also. Maybe they will last a bit longer this way.

kijy6y6 (message from the cat, she just walked over the keyboard!!)

Anyway, let me know what you think..........

Thought you might like the close-up of the reading dragon (hoping Evan will think it's a dinosaur!) - was stitching this out the other day on my embroidery machine and the final part was the dragon's body. That was when I discoverd the bright green thread I had bought was in fact variegated. I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a go, result - a stripey dragon, quite funky??

As alway, if you click on an image you should get a bigger view.


  1. Really great personal presents. I think it was lucky about the thread
    coz the dragon is fab. Also like choice of reading material! My fav
    children's book!

  2. Ah, the book is not for Evan, just for the photo shoot. It belongs to my "kids", don't think I can part with it just yet..........

  3. Neat idea for stretch material, or is that you just have to have a wee bit of cotton making an appearance on an alien fabric! Cx

  4. You got me - always a cotton snob!



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