Sunday, 18 December 2011

Time Strictly Limited.

This week I have been a cooking and a sewing.........last night we celebrated the Strictly final with a bit of a do - so there was much merriment, lots of food, lots of drink and fab - u - luss dancing (to watch).
Harry was a worthy winner predicted in week one, by three of our guests so I had to do a very quick random selection - where is Archie when you need him? - and we had a glitter ball winner of our very own.
On the sewing front I got a couple of things done that I am able to show you -
Two Kindle covers for a friend to give.
 They were both simple flap over wallet style, made from some strip piecing. The poppy was machine embroidered.
This little organiser was made following Leila's tutorial here.
Inside - two little pockets, a pen slot & a key fob.
 and the front view - this was stitch and flip log cabin, great fun to do.

Can't show much else before Christmas but there have been more finishes - only a couple to go.
and finally......

a little something from Sew Fresh. The Little Apples yardage will be used in Baby Quilt #2 - the Boy One.
The Circa 1934, on the left, I have sort of fallen for and is I think the start of a collection that might lead to a man quilt................

..........this time next week.....................................................


  1. Sounds like a fun evening, and great makes there!

  2. Lovely sewing, the party sounds fun too!

  3. great projects! the kindle covers are fabulous!

  4. Would have loved to have been at your Strictly Party - sounded like a hoot! Well done Harry! Love the organisers - great pressies and that embroidered poppy is stunning! Jxo

  5. We all need an Archie! Love your Kindle covers. And did you just suggest that you might have a man quilt made by next week?!?!

  6. strictly was good! think Jason was a bit cheated tho, he should have been at least second....
    really lovely covers :-)

  7. I want photos of you in your strictly sparkles!!

  8. Great makes - you are certainly maintaining your productivity and quality rate whereas I an failing on all fronts I think!

    I like that Circa fabric too!

  9. I wish I could've popped over to join you. My husband hates Strictly and I had to watch it alone. I was cheeering for Chelsee all the way, but it was clear Harry would win. The Kindle cover is a good idea.

  10. lovely makes there Sheila. Your stricly party sounds like fun: it was a fantastic final

  11. The party sounds marvellous and I'm sure Archie would have loved to have picked your winner for you ;o) Love the Kindle covers and organiser and new fabric!

  12. How fun! I love the gifts you've made. That organiser is brilliant (bookmarked the tutorial!!) and I really love the fastener you used. I love Circa too, it's gorgeous!

  13. Love your work and your company..both strictly serious!



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