Saturday, 28 April 2012

On a Roll

During all the madness that was last weekend, I managed to keep up with my Zakka Style sew a long project.
In fact I did a Hadley and made twins.
 The plainer fabric is a shot cotton in a dull red with a shot of green, and not a horrid brown colour as it seems to look in the photos.
 I added a bit of quilting, for fun, with a variegated cotton thread.
Hope you are all enjoying a bit of sunshine this weekend, like we are, in sunny Ayr. (yes Katy, again!!)


  1. I love these sewing rolls as they are so handy and look lovely too. Do you want our rain Sheila? I am absolutely fed up with it. I know I live in a drought area but my grass will be knee high soon! Di xo

  2. It's okay, it was sunny here today too lol. Great job on the kits, I might even get mine made in time this week. Then again...

  3. Rain again- maybe I need to move North again!

    Everyone don't you think Sheila needs a new photo!? If you agree then add your voice to mine - she has some great ones!

    Great twins Castor and Pollux!

  4. They look great! Made me uneasy putting my name and Brown so close together!!

  5. Great kits! And sunshine? Hmmm we had that once down south I seem to remember. But not lately!

  6. Enjot the sun - it`s been raining here...and lovely little sewing kits!

  7. they look great Sheila. I can;t remember the last time i saw the sum - and don't get me started on the wind last night ....

  8. They look great. I especially love the quilting you did on both of them.

  9. Yeah for twins! The quilting looks great :)
    I'm with Catherine that wind was crazy!!



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