Saturday 31 March 2012

First Quarter Ends.......

I joined in with Rhonda's Finish -a- Long, in January and aimed for 3 finishes. I am finding the biggest challenge is collating all the info to link back to her blog for the end of quarter judging. Here we go......
None of my projects were big quilts, just annoying stuff that needed me to spend some time getting them done.
First up was my Crazy Quilt, left languishing for a couple of years and it only needed a bit of extra quilting and binding. Done!

My next was another piece made for a class workshop, or rather, along with a class as a demo piece that I never finished on the day. It needed quilting and binding and I added further machine embroidery when I realised it would make a great playmat for Ava.......I finished this one and make no apologies for trying to wring extra votes out of you with these pix.

Last up is my Dead Simple Quilt A Long piece that I made from Lynne's QAL - I cheated and made a small piece about 18" square and liked the colours but didn't follow thro to the end. I have now, and it became this........

.......knitting bag.
I am now off to add these up to Rhonda's linky party.

PS - Still time to enter my mini giveaway here.


  1. Heh, I don't think Ava's convinced by that seahorse ;o)

  2. Well done! I think you're in danger of becoming teacher's pet! Jxo

  3. Everything is adorable....especially Ava!!!!

  4. Great work and Ava is adorable, you can have all the extra points for her.

  5. Well done on finishing all three! Ava is so cute!

  6. I think Ava should be in all the pictures! :) x



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