Monday, 7 May 2012

Monday Memories #15

It's been a while since my last wander down memory lane, I am now looking back to 2008/9.
In February 2008, our nephew Evan, was born. I had made his mum and dad a quilt, blogged in this post, and set about making his quilt from the leftovers of theirs. I liked this idea and thankfully, so did his mum. The pattern came from one of the two British quilting magazines, not sure which one, and was foundation pieced.

One of the nicest things I can recall about this quilt was many months later when visiting, I peeked into Evan's room, and his quilt was in the cot, all crumpled up and so obviously in use. His mum confirmed it was his "daytime nap" quilt. Don't you just love it when they get used.
Meanwhile, in class, I was slipping into a big project, small project sort of routine and my 08/09 session was made up of different smaller, projects. I think we all enjoy making small, manageable items and I think everyone enjoyed that year.
We had reversible "Log Cabin with Attitude" table-runners, based on the book by Sharon V Rotz. We had a lot of runners that were suitable for different seasons.
Project 2 was a foundation pieced Star, which was from a very old Anja Townrow pattern.
My Sailrigger's Bag workshops are always popular and challenging enough to use as a class project.
And my 4th option that year was Journal Quilts. This was quite a popular trend back then and everyone was producing journal quilts. I really enjoyed this class - journal quilts can be as simple as trying out a new technique on a small piece of work, or translating an actual event or emotion into a small quilted piece. At that time I made a few of these little (A4 sized) quilts and I am currently working on a similar project to produce 12 of them to bind into a fabric book for Ava's first birthday.
My photoshoot from back in 08/09 was not quite as prolific as for this year but maybe you get a feeling from these...

In 2008/9 I was asked to make a quilt for my sister in law, Karyn, she really takes an interest in my work and I was happy to undertake this. I asked her to look in her LQS and maybe give me a sample of fabric she liked - she gave me one fat 1/4 of a very floral print, not something I would have picked for her, she comes across as having a very modern style.
I chose a one block pattern and produced this quilt -
I think the block was Road to Ohio, or somewhere..........I need to take better photos. I think Karyn was happy with it.
Flash forward to 2010 and it was their 25th wedding anniversary and I made this for them, from the leftovers - I imagine you are recognising a thrifty pattern emerging here! Can't find the photo, but this was my design from EQ6.(25 hearts!)
This project has since become the basis of a very successful Day Workshop - "Love is in the Air".
Time to leave memory lane for now, I need to go put on a load of washing!!
Hope you are all enjoying your long weekend if your are having one!


  1. Thanks for the stroll - absolutely love it when they get used! Makes the whole thing worth while!

  2. I love that your family appreciates your quilting so much and treasures the items you make for them.

  3. Thank you for more stories! I am not surprised those lovely quilts are used and loved.

  4. Busy year for you, and glad your quilts are getting used!

  5. Quilts that get used definitely bring more pleasure! These are fabulous quilts S! Hope you are not as rained out as we are here! Jxo

  6. Quilts should definitely be used - you have made gorgeous ones, and I love those stars
    I have finished my mystery quilt today (just blogged it) Thank you so much for taking the time to put it all together and get us thinking. I love it!

  7. I can only hope my family will be as chuffed with the things I make!

  8. It's lovely to know that the quilts you make are appreciated so much. And I think I must be your thrifty twin!!



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