Sunday, 5 August 2012

Super Saturday, Super Sunday?

Don't have a lot of energy after all my armchair participation in the Olympics yesterday - what a wonderful day for team GB, how exciting to see the joy on so many faces and heartbreaking to witness near miss disappointments.
My favourite moment was the one where Sophie Hosking and Katherine Copeland  won the lightweight women's double sculls. I have no knowledge or prior interest in rowing but the delight on Katherine's face was be captured forever on a Royal Mail stamp!
Meanwhile, my weekend started on Friday with a girls' day out to Ayr Flower Show. It's many years since I went to this home - grown event and in those intervening years it has grown......we had a great day viewing giant vegetables, huge flowers, reading comments on flower arrangements, all very Kirsty Allsop............there were loads of traders, super plant sales, yummy foods (with samples) and a large craft marquee -  not a quilt in sight tho, something bluepatchquilters might just have to address next year!!
I shall leave you with these bonkers images of begonias. Clearly someone harnessed the little sun we have seen this year.

                                                                 Enjoy Super Sunday!


  1. Great win! They just couldn't believe it!

    The blooms look huge!

  2. Didn't 'we' do well yesterday!!!
    Those blooms are beautiful x

  3. I have been watching every day , but yesterday was just something else!

  4. Those blooms are bloomin amazing!

  5. It's fabulous to see a local win a gold medal!!! And you must be thrilled (and exhausted!) after Andy Murray's win in the singles!!

  6. So proud to be a Brit at the moment and more gold today - love the stamps and the painted letter boxes too. Sounds like you had a lovely day out with the girls.

  7. Oh yes, we have had a fab rowing event - never won a women's gold before, and this year we've won 3!

    Glad you had fun at the fair :o)

  8. The flowers are beautiful! The olympics are also fun, even Canada has won a few medals too.

  9. The girls were great weren't they! Fabulous win.
    The begonias look ginormous.



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