Friday 28 December 2012

Every Day a Schoolday

Subtitled - "Itchin' to Be Stitchin'!"

So how was it for you? I considered running a Linky Party to see which particular lurgy befell your household over the Christmas season - here, Chez Donnachie, it was the Morbid Sore Throat (a Poldark reference for those old enough to remember).
The cover went on my sewing machine about a week ago, I have one more family gathering, tomorrow, and then it's coming off. Isn't it funny how we all knock ourselves silly in December, making presents etc and almost think we never want to sew again, but then only a few short days later.......

So, in the last few days before Christmas I came up with a couple of makes.
My December blocks for Judith's Bee Blessed.

And my most favourite make for a long time was this cushion.
The pattern for this Deer can be found here. Now I have been foundation piecing for some considerable time and I love the technique, but I decided I might give freezer paper piecing a whirl. There were many, many small pieces in this pattern and on reflection I might have been better sticking with what I know - but I am glad I tried it, and it does enable great control over the fabric, allowing a bit of fussy placement if necessary.
The eagle eyed amongst you, and let's face it, the extremely short - sighted too, will have spotted that my reindeer is facing the opposite way from the pattern. Of course, it doesn't matter a bit, I blame it on my brain, let's leave it at that. This cushion was a Christmas gift for a good friend and the fabric I used other than for the deer itself, is all from Mod Century by Jenn Ski for Moda.
I have started to quilt my cushion backs of late, a bit of extra work, but the finished look makes it so - substantial. I might have to make another sometime for myself.
Now I have just one question to ask - as we approach the final days of 2012........anyone still eating turkey??


  1. I too really love the cushion. Sorry to hear you have the morbid sore throat, it sounds miserable. I ate the last bowl of my first every turkey soup today, and I think there is enough turkey left for one or two sandwiches and that is all. But there is still plenty of baking so I can pack on a few more unnecessary pounds before I have to start that overdue diet.

  2. Love the cushion Sheila, that must have taken some work! Only had a small bit of turkey, but I have managed to eat way too much of everything else!

  3. Another paper piecing pro who has made a brilliant cushion. Lovely blocks for Bee Blessed too.

  4. I love your black kitty widget!!! It looks just like my cat, but mine keeps standing in front of the computer screen so I can't see it to read. I just had to move her aside three times before she got the message and stayed on the window sill. LOL

    thanks for your great blog.

  5. Love the cushion (& it's back too). I can't wait to start sewing again but have visitors until Sunday. We still have turkey left but the ham is all gone. Di x

  6. That's a truly beautiful cushion S! I haven't quite found the patience for freezer paper piecing yet, love FP too much! We aren't eating turkey anymore, but I've still got an unopened Christmas pudding and fruit cake to go! Jxo

  7. Fabulous cushion!

    No turkey left here but still working our way through the cake :)

  8. The cushion is beautiful right way or wrong way! Hope you are all feeling better...

  9. Bugger on the sore throat, hope it didn't inhibit the dining! No turkey here, but then we didn't have one to start with ;o) Love the cushion!

  10. Fabulous cushion! I hope the not-so-fabulous sore throat has sounded the retreat? As for the turkey...none here (I ate at my parents'!) but I'd quite like a turkey sandwich...



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