Monday 3 December 2012

The Whole Nine Yards

Tonight's post is a wee bit self indulgent because I have a finish to show off, and show off I shall.
My Velocity Strippy is finished - whoop whoop!
This is a quilt I have been making and demonstrating at a series of workshops on how to make a Strippy quilt using Quilt As You Go techniques.
Boo hoo for rotten winter weather to take a photo - the above one shows the full quilt front. All the fabric is the wonderful Velocity by British designer Jessica Hogarth. Making a strippy is a great way of showcasing a fabulous fabric.
I made this in three sections each with two strips of fabric. The double strips were layered and quilted separately allowing me to concentrate on my quilting instead of heaving a huge pile of fabric and wadding through my machine - this is the first I have quilted in such a dense way.
I used a whole reel of Aurifil 50wt thread, in a soft grey.......that is 1300m!!
Then the pairs were joined together using two narrow strips per join In the above picture can you see the joining strips?
I knew when I saw this fabric that I wanted it for this project - the quilt is completely reversible and it took 9yds of fabric. I got it from the US, (Hawthorne Threads) because a., it was available there first, and b., even getting "caught" by HMRC, it worked out at £9 a yard.
And here is the back...........
and a join on the back..............
and although it hasn't been washed yet, I can present to you - a roly poly view...........
From my 9yds I got my two strips of each fabric and managed all the joining strips and binding along the length of grain. The quilt measures about 78" x 82".
"Velocity" will be a surprise Christmas present for my son who has recently moved into a big, old chilly flat in Glasgow, so hopefully this will help keep the chills away. I hope he likes it as much as I do.

PS. In other breaking news, I had my very first Etsy sale last week!!


  1. Fabulous finish Sheila, it looks fantastic

  2. Fabulous finish Sheila, it looks fantastic

  3. Oh he is going to love it - he better with all that quilting!!!!

  4. oooooo that is a stunner - what wonderful fabrics..... bloomin HMRC get you and don't get Starbucks! xx

  5. It is wonderful and I am sure your son will love it, what a lovely gift for him.

  6. It's a beautiful quilt! I have done 14 inch squares in a quilt as you go fashion, but I really like the idea of the long strips.

  7. Great idea! He will be nice and cosy then and probably won't want to come out from under the quilt!

    QAYG is fab for machine quilting ...especially FMQ!

  8. It is beautiful. I think that your son will love it in his chilly flat. Hopefully not too warm to not to want to come home every now and then! Di x

  9. Congrats on your first Etsy sale! Fab, manly quilt too! Jxo

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  11. Eek!! It's as fabulous as I thought it would be - I love it!!! Well done!
    P.S. Congratulations on the Etsy sale!

  12. Oh yes, he'll definitely need it in this weather! Looks great, I'm sure he'll like it, it's very manly.

    Congrats on the sale too :o)

  13. Wow Sheila! what a Delight...very modern . . .very manly and the fabric range is gorgeous. Great quilting too. Would never have guessed it was QAYG.

  14. Shelia this is awesome! I'm sure your son will love it. I am just using this fabric for a quilt for my godson - I love it! You ought to email a copy to Jessica ( - I bet she's love to see it! Well done on a gorgeous finish!

  15. Awwwwwwwwww, I thought it was for me! I really need it in this 35 degree celsius heat.

    You BIG sister

  16. Congrats on your first sale Sheila, the first of many hopefully.

    My son would love this quilt for their spare room, which he has dubbed the man cave!

  17. The quilt looks great. Quilt as you go, is definitely the way to go—far less overwhelming than having to quilt an entire piece all at once.



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