Monday 31 December 2012

To Whom it may concern...........

Remember when that used to be on letters.................anyone remember letters?

So, here we are at the end of another year - is it me or does anyone think that was a really fast year? 13yrs since all the Millennium frenzy, who'd have thought.

Before I get down to the mushy stuff, I have just a couple of pics to show from this last week.
A friend, Wendy, made this for me - hexies and linen, I love it so much and just hope that Santa fills it next year.

And these two wee guys joined my Christmas family.

Another friend from one of my classes, tipped me the wink on this site - can't keep this to myself.

What did I buy? 
An advent panel for next year, some flannel to add to my collection ( I have a quilt brewing in my head) and then 3 yds of the houndstooth cotton - it was practically nothing.
                                                            Thanks for the tip off, Morag.

At some point before Christmas, Lucy was hosting a giveaway with the prize coming from Christa Quilts. This is a store that was one of the earliest I shopped from way back in the Dark Ages - I think it was just an eBay store at the time. Well, I only went and won didn't I and spent some pleasurable time "shopping".
I will share my haul with you when it comes - suffice to say that as an accomplished cheapskate, I got an awful lot for my $$$. Thanks Lucy, and I hope that "turkey" didn't give you too much trouble over Christmas.
And thank you also to Christa.
I always think that New Year can be a little depressing, an opportunity to become a little maudelin, perhaps fuelled by alcohol?
Rest assured that so far this Hogmonay, only tea and coffee have passed my lips although I believe I am soon to partake in a capful of Night Nurse!!
Anyway I just wanted to say a few words of anyone that takes the trouble to read this blog that I so enjoy writing. It started off as a way of keeping my classes informed and I know that many of the ladies who attend my classes do read it. To those and indeed all my students, I say a huge thank you for your continued support. At times, the prep for my classes has me a bit frazzled but I love running them. I have met so many wonderful ladies, made friends, watched friendships blossom and of course, I have witnessed so many people take up quilting, grow to love it and gasped at the fruits of their labours. So much talent, it takes your breath away sometimes.
I have a lovely family who probably don't quite "get it" but their loyalty and support is appreciated, especially that of Big Al, my OH, who as a Virgo does have a hard time coping with the loose threads.............
And this year brought me a beautiful grand daughter whose smile widens when I take her into my sewing room, I have great hopes.
I have good friends too, my real life ones have also been so supportive of my classes and of course, they definitely "get it" - most of them quilt too!!
Through blogging, I have made online friends too and every one of you is special to me. Blogging has made the world a little smaller - so I guess that just leaves World peace.............


  1. Happy New Year to you Sheila. I love reading your blog and I am looking forward to 2013 in the Bee a Brit Stingy with you. Di x

  2. Happy New Year! I hope the lurgy goes away soon so you can enjoy the season properly!

  3. Well said! Happy New Year and enjoy the Night Nurse xx

  4. Have a lovely hogmanay, I'm going to be feeding my lurgy with mulled wine... medicinal you know...
    Wishing you a very happy new year!

  5. Happy New Year Sheila! Here's to a great 2013 - raise a cup of Night Nurse for me!

  6. Happy New Year - hope your germs are all vanquished soon and that 2013 is as full of good stuff as 2012 was.

  7. That is the loveliest stocking I've seen this season!!!!
    Have a good Hogmanay!

  8. Get better - we need you on form!

    Looking forward to bee making next year too!

  9. Great sentiments Sheila. Happy new year to you x

  10. Happy new Year...... looking forward to reading more lovely blog posts from you in 2013 xx

  11. The stocking is so pretty! All the best to you and yours Sheila for 2013, you are a great inspiration and friend.

  12. Looks like a great start to the new year (well, perhaps without the Night Nurse!) Happy new year!

  13. Happy New Year to you; I might manage another cuppa before I head to bed at about 12.02!
    Lovely gifts and prize money - hope you have an equally amazing 2013 xxx

  14. Happy New Year Sheila, all the best, it's been a pleasure reading your blog, looking forward to a great year.

  15. Happy new year Sheila. I love reading your blog, and wish I was close enou to come to your classes!

  16. Very well said S! And happy new year to you and yours!Jxo



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