Friday 8 March 2013

Multi Tasking

I heard myself tell someone this week, "I used to be able to multi task,  now I just get harassed".

So I have a lot on, this week has seen a lot of admin as I launched my schedule for next year's classes. It's always a bit nail biting for me wondering if I have chosen the right projects but so far I am getting some really good comments & feedback.
When I took part last summer in the Zakka sew a long, I knew then that something similar would be fun for my classes, make a change from a big quilt.
So we are having a sew a long from August to Christmas.
After Christmas we are going to tackle a bag - there will be a bit of flexibility but I am planning on a big bag!

My current classes finish at the end of March and my Open Day is on Sunday 24th March - anyone in the vicinity of Alloway Village Hall in Ayr, would be made very welcome.
Within walking distance of the village hall, is Rozelle House and the Maclauren Gallery. On 24th March an exhibition of quilts by Ayrshire quilters goes on display so it sounds like a pretty good day out.

In the midst of all this organisation, my friend's daughter gave birth on Tuesday to a healthy, bouncing boy. I hope to see him and have a wee cuddle very soon. Although I made this a few weeks ago, I have kept it until now to show as I wanted it to be a surprise.

So, tomorrow, I am off up to Glasgow to Creative Stitches, at the SECC. My intentions are purely research of course, as I have plans for a new sewing machine this year and I am hoping to fine tune my choices.
On Sunday, a certain baby, a little closer to home , will be celebrating her 1st birthday, one day early.
It's almost impossible to believe a year has already passed. Grand-parenthood is amazing, quite amazing.
I have been working on something for her, I will share it with you all on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.x


  1. Love the cushion, and have fun tomorrow!

  2. I'm rubbish at multi-tasking too! Love the owl cushion, so cute! Good luck for your new programme and enjoy tomorrow. Jxo

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  4. 1st birthday already!!?
    I have completely lost my multi-tasking abilities of late. must be the weather!

  5. Lovely cushion. I can't believe that your first year grandparent day is coming up!!! Di x

  6. I can multi task but not with a cold and I really prefer to just focus on one thing at a time anyway. I am surprised that it has been a year of grandparenting already, it seems like just a sort while ago you were waiting for her arrival. The pillow is lovely, by the way. And enjoy that research.

  7. I have a lot of trouble multi tasking these days too. The owl cushion is really cute. I like the contrast on the back too.

  8. Happy Birthday to that darling sweetie. Cant wait to see what you have made her.
    Another divine cushion... I hope you haven't been defrocking all the local geesies lately to make all the inserts!
    Happy "researching"...sounds like you multi task quite fine!

  9. Wow 1 already, how did that happen.have a great time in glasgow

  10. Her first birthday? Already?!! Happy birthday, A! I love the owl cushion and am glad your new programme of classes is getting a good reception, it's so tricky trying to guess what's going to be popular! Have a lovely time in Glasgow, don't forget to do some shopping as well as some research ;o)



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