Friday, 1 March 2013

Spreading the Word

For those of you who may have missed the news, Jo, from Bearpaw, is planning a super event in Edinburgh this August - it's a one day Modern Quilt Retreat.
You can read more about it HERE.

This is just brilliant news for those of us who are unable for one reason, or another, to attend the FQ Retreat in London this July.
Jo has organised this event bang in the middle of the Edinburgh Festival which is an exciting time to be in the Capital City.
If you think you might be at all interested in going, do pop over and register your interest.
If anyone in my classes thinks they might like to attend why don't you drop me an email and we could plan some shared transport?

Anyhow, I am definitely up for a day back in my home City - anyone join me?


  1. Registered now Sheila, will be a great early birthday present from me to me!

  2. I'm unlikely to attend but still can't wait!

  3. Well, ya know, I might be able to make it... ;o)

  4. If only....
    May you have a wonderful quilty time (as opposed to guilty time)

  5. Oh yes, I'm registered, no way am I missing out on this one.

  6. Could maybe borrow a bed from my friend in Gilmerton!?? Must ask!

  7. Just came to say hi - just got Jo's message to say that you're joining it with the day too. Looking forward to it and meeting you then! Juliex

  8. Oh i would love to go but will need to see if i can afford !



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