Tuesday 26 March 2013

Show Time

The madness is over, I can relax again, happy that another Open Day has been and gone!
Sunday dawned bright and sunny but bitterly cold and although we had not a flake of snow in Ayr, we are surrounded by areas not so well off. Indeed, people on the Isle of Arran, easily visible from Ayr, are still without power after 4 days.......brrrr.
So for a while, things seemed quieter than last year.
However, towards the end of the show, things busied up and on reflection seems to have gone well.
We always run a Bring and Buy stall selling unwanted "craft" related things, books, magazines, fabric etc.
On the day, we took in £290 on this stall. Teas & yummy cakes brought in another £110 and added to term time sales, I now have £670 which will be sent to Rachel House, our designated charity. Rachel House is a children;s hospice, located in Kinross.
For the first time, we also tried a craft stall and I think it was reasonably successful given that our audience was mainly made up of crafters!
I had so much help making the day successful and thank every one of you, couldn't do it without you.
Thank you to everyone who provided "stuff" to sell, including cakes..........
And to all the ladies in my classes, I do realise as the weeks go on, that you are all beavering away, but somehow seeing it all on display is quite overwhelming, and incredibly satisfying.
I have the final classes of this session, this week, and then a wee rest before starting a series of workshops in April.
My regular classes will resume in August - all are fully subscribed. I have a few workshop spaces left.

So, enough blethering, make yourself a cuppa and enjoy the show!! (And for those of you not so techie minded, you can view full screen by hitting the symbol bottom right on the slideshow screen)


  1. Wow! Another successful show S! What a lot of talent! Well done! Enjoy a well deserved Easter break! Jxo

  2. What a wonderful display of work! Thanks so much for sharing all of those photographs. What clever students you have!

  3. Wow!!! What a great show! The 'Home is where the heart is' minis are particularly gorgeous...as is A!! Thanks for sharing, now put your feet up and tuck into some Liquorice Allsorts xx

  4. Wow, what a wonderful display. well done. Juliex

  5. Glad to hear your show was successful despite all the bad weather around.

    Love the reindeer cushions

  6. I did give you a thought and hoped you had escaped the snow!
    What an awesome room full of quilts - all those Topsy ones are brilliant xxx

  7. What an open day - so many quilts on display. Thank you for showing us. Di x

  8. Oh how magnificent... what a superb venue.
    Loved your Sydney Opera House! and your ghosty kangaroos . . . . plus that littlest quilter.
    Well done all of you... great contribution to the charity. You must be very proud of all those hard working and talented quilters.

  9. Well done you for another hugely successful day. You are so good raising all that money. And there are some gorgeous quilts there.

  10. Ah, I can't view the slide show-will get the laptop out tmrw and have a look. Well done on the fund raising

  11. Your students are amazing. The quilts are lovely, the quilting is also great. I love seeing different colour variations from one basic pattern. You must have the best time teaching them.



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