Wednesday 10 April 2013

Finish A Long - 2nd Quarter

So, here we are, ready to pledge some finishes before the end of June - eek.
I only managed one out of two last quarter and am carrying one over. I don't have a huge list, don't want to set myself up for a big fall! Here it is........

1. The Main Project - my Mod Pop quilt. I am half way through my blocks and on a bit of a mini roll - I have reduced my target to a double and really intend finishing this one. I will be QAYG on this one and will use it as another sample for some workshops so that gives me a major incentive.

2. Maybe the oldest UFO in the FAL? - this is one of my first ever class samples and dates back to 2004. The pattern is Hidden Wells, quite a challenging wee design, you should Google it and try it, it'll keep you out of mischief. Anyway, I still quite like it and reckon it'll do nicely as a table runner in my B & W kitchen. It's layered up and begging to be quilted. Hmmm, maybe.

3. A much more recent project, in fact, it was only yesterday - I attended a little workshop run by our Area Guild Rep, Tricia. She showed us how to do Biscornu, or as we in the know like to call it, Biscotti (sounds almost edible, doesn't it?) There were just a few of us there in the surroundings of the Ayrshire Quilters' Exhibition at Rozelle House in Ayr (GO, if you haven't been, and live locally). Sitting next to me was Jenny, in 1st year at the local secondary school, right wrist in a support, but luckily a leftie - she finished ahead of all of us!! What a delight to have a youngster sewing. So these are images of my pincushion, I just have to finish the beading and draw in the middle with an appropriate button.

4. - Number 4?? Crikey, I am throwing caution to the wind here mainly cos I have had a nice big glass of red wine with my dinner ( yes, on a Wednesday!!) and am feeling mellow, I am entering my EPP Christmas Star into the ring. I started this with the intention of it being my Christmas in July project this year but changed my mind. All it needs is a bit of extra quilting and a backing to make it into a cushion. I made this with some very old Christmas scraps,  one of which was fussy cut.

I am linking up with Leanne's FAL Q2.


  1. Such great projects to be getting on with Sheila. Can't wait to see the finishes

  2. Yikes - you've a UFO nearly going in to double digits! You'll be fine Sheila - better go pour yourself another glass of wine for Dutch courage!

  3. Go for it ! I think you can manage this lot all being well!

  4. Keep going with that mod pop, its going to be wonderful!

  5. Lol, I love how you live on the edge ;o)

  6. What a great list! I've also thrown caution to the wind...oops!



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