Monday, 1 April 2013

March, in pictures

As we Spring into April, (see what I did there?)......I think March was maybe my busiest month for a while. It was a month full of deadlines, making things for expected babies, birthday babies, and of course getting ready for my Open Day.
Thank you all who commented and viewed the slideshow in my last post - over 270 views so far and I am determined not to even consider my husband's notion that it could be 5 people viewing 50+ times each!!
My mosaic for March isn't big, but it really represents many hours of work - I am pleased with all of it.
The owl cushioned welcomed Baby Kenneth on 5th March.
The applique baby was just one page of Ava's first yearbook.
The Road to Hell Tennessee blocks were for Jan, our Bee A Brit Stingy Queen Bee for March.
The Funky Wrench blocks were for Bee Blessed March.
And last, but really, by no means least - I made progress with my Mod Pop quilt. I might have modified my plans and now think I am heading for a double (full?) sized quilt, I even bought some backing from
 Pink Castle yesterday at a ridiculous $6 a yard.
Here's to a lovely, sunny April.
Linking to Lily's Quilts & Fresh Sewing Day.
PS. Update on Open Day - with some last minute sales this week, I was able to transfer £710 to Children's Hospice Association Scotland - thanks again all who helped to make this possible.


  1. Looks like it was a busy month Sheila! Well done! Welcoming babies - must be about the best though!

  2. Well done on your fantastic donation.

  3. Great sewing, and such a wonderful amount of money raised, really well done to you xxxxxxx

  4. What a busy month! I love how your Mod Pop is progressing (it looks great!) and well done on raising such a good amount for a wonderful cause!

  5. Great news on the fundraising Sheila.

    Brilliant bargain on the backing fabric too!

  6. Well done Sheila - a great month and you raised money! Pink Castle? I may just have bought some voile at $6 a yard yesterday...shhhhh

  7. What a brilliant donation. I also bought some $6 fabric over the weekend....!

  8. I think your Mod Pop is looking fabulous. Great donation for a worthy cause

  9. Wow! Well done on the fund raising!!!
    All your makes look gorgeous x

  10. Nah, can't have been just 5 viewers, there were probably t least 6... ;o)

    Well done on the makes, and for the fundraising efforts :o)

  11. Ta DAAaaa. Fabulous. If that was a busy month, I'd be interested in your output for a quiet month!
    I could be the (270 views) culprit.... after all.... that pic of Ava was pretty cute.....

  12. Congratulations on the fund raising.
    All your projects for March look lovely, what a nice month of projects and babies.



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